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Mar 3, 2012 07:55 AM

Fiori-Great Barrington Massachusetts

I and a friend had an after the movie dinner in the bar last night. The bar AND the restaurant were not busy at all...only 2 tables occupied the dining room. There were even empty seats at the bar; we sat at a table. Finally, (and the bartender WAS aware of our presence, but was seriously busy bonding with people at the bar) after about 15 minutes, my friend allowed that we were probably NOT going to get a drink (there was no trace of any server anywhere); so she went up to the bar to order drinks for us. The bartender said he would be right there, and, he did come over. I told him before he escaped that we would be ordering food. I got the salmon, mascarpone panino...the description of it on the menu made my decision for me. Well, in between each half of the sandwich was a miniscule piece of salmon that could not even have been one ounce, if that and a miniscule slice of hardboiled egg. I will say that the mascarpone was generously slathered to cover the whole slice of bread. Given the lack of service ( and in south county, there seems to be a prevailing generic brand of server whose M.O. is: "Oh, wow, like you like just like ordered that like second like glass of wine20 minutes ago; if I like remember, I will like bring it next trip.," I would be hard pressed to go back.

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  1. Thank you for your review! I have been meaning to try this place. Now I know why it always is so quiet (minus the summer months).

    1. I completely agree with you. I am a local. I love food, restaurants and going out to eat. We waited a few months to try Fiori, knowing they were just getting off the ground. I hadn't heard anything positive about the restaurant but wanted to give it a fair chance. We went on a Friday night, and sat in the bar area. We had a table that overlooked the mountains which was nice. I noticed the table had not been wiped down, and had rings of liquid, where drinks had once rested. The waitress gave us both the dining room menu, and the bar menu. I was in the mood for a nice glass of wine, but to my surprise, there was no sauvignon blanc on the menu; I had to ask the waitress for a glass of wine "like sauvignon blanc"; she recommended the most expensive wine by the glass--at $10. The wine was fine, but really--a restaurant should carry all of the "basic" types of wines people enjoy (chardonnay, pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc, merlot, etc.)

      I ordered the veal off the main menu. At $28, this was a huge disappointment. The veal lacked flavor--needed salt and tasted very bland. My husband ordered the steak sandwich with dipping sauce, off the bar menu with a side of fries. He enjoyed his dish, said the sandwich had good flavor, the meat was tender and overall he was pleased. The fries were good too, I sampled them.

      Lastly. The service. Horrible. We had a youngish waitress who never once came over to check on our meals. My plate ended up sitting under the hot plate for 10 minutes, even though it was ready to go when my husband's plate came out. She did not ask how the meal was, if we needed anything such as more wine, beer or water. My husband had to bus our table and go up to the bar to ask for another drink. I had to shout across the bar to ask for our check. At the end of the meal she did not thank us for coming in or apologize for her lack of attentiveness. Terrible service.

      Overall this restaurant sucked.

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        So, your experience was a riff on mine. When it was Pearl's, I loved going there after a six o'clock movie and eating in the bar. I do not mind prices when there is value for the money, and at Pearl's, there WAS...dining room AND bar. And again, it seems to be a generic stereotypic server stance in south county restaurants, again, as in: "Ow, wow, you like ordered that like glass of like wine 20 minutes ago and like as soon as I like finish socializing like with my co-workers, I'll like try to remember to like get what you like asked for." ...seriously annoying. Our one and probably only experience at Fiori - true story- it might well have been self serve... and I find myself saying stuff now that I swore back in '68,'69, '70, I would never say, but these self absorbed, distracted 20somethings need to be trained is just as easy to drive up the road to Cafe Adam after the early movie or to BrickHouse Pub.