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Mar 3, 2012 06:59 AM

over 40 restaurant/bar in monmouth county

I recently moved into the area. Can someone recommend an upscale bar/restuarant for the over 40 crowd ?


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  1. The Shipwreck in Brielle and The Mill in Spring Lake Heights cater to old folks. Each has a decent sized bar and worthwhile Happy Hour specials/offerings as well.

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      Second both of these restaurants/bars in the Jersey Shore area of Monmouth County. The Shipwreck is the quintessential hangout for the over 40 singles crowd as well as married couples looking to unwind. The Mill is upscale but very nicely priced during happy hour which by the way runs from 4-7 every day.

    2. Although Ocean County Rt 37/Mule Rd. Toms River Quality Inn Atrium Lounge has an older crowd 50+ Fri/Sat Nights....also the new AQUA BLUE Rt 37 has an older crowd with live music now too.

        1. the Columns in Avon when it is open in season.