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Mar 3, 2012 06:27 AM

Club Mate in Montreal?

Anyone know where I might find Club Mate in Montreal?
Couldn't find anything on the web- but thought maybe someone on the street had seen it somewhere in somebody's fridge!

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  1. I'd like to know as well. Never seen it in Canada.

    1. You could try contacting the distributor for Canada, it's a Quebec City company and ask them where it's available

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      1. Hi Ladybugk - I just wanted to let you know that Club-Mate is now available in Montreal!
        Club-Mate Montreal is now distributing it and it is available at Depanneur Le Pick-Up, Alexandraplatz & Notre Dame des Quilles

        Here is their facebook page:

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        1. re: masonw

          Thanks! I was thrilled to find it at the first two - didnt realize NDQ also is carrying it now! weee

          1. re: williej

            Wikipedia is very friendly as well...

            It is "a caffeinated carbonated mate-extract beverage..."

          2. The original comment has been removed