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Mar 3, 2012 05:58 AM

Nudy's Cafe - strike three

Occasionally hear people talk about Nudy's or want to meet there. We have now been three times in three locations over the last five years and finally, we're done!

Nudy's Visit #1 in Devon - went for our first time with others when there was a line. When our turn came and a table opened up for the four of us, a couple who had just arrived sat down before the table was cleared. One in our party went over and told them it was our table and we were waiting for it to be cleared but the couple wouldn't move. Our friend went to the person keeping track of names and asked her to move them and she wouldn't, saying another table would be ready for us in less than 5 min. Almost 15 -20 min later we finally sat down, hungry and grumpy by then. When the food arrived, it was okay and we didn't understand why people would ever wait for it.

Nudy's Visit #2 in Berwyn - Went about 3 years ago when SO and I were out there. The restaurant was not crowded so we stayed. Thought we'd finally see why people like Nudy's. After a long wait for our breakfast/brunch, our meal came out cold. Not lukewarm but almost stone cold. While waiting to see our waitress again, the SO ate about 1/4 of his meal. I didn't have more than my initial bites. When waitress arrived, she declared that we'd have to wait behind all the other orders to get new food, about 15 -25 minutes. We got up and left. Manager then followed us out since we hadn't paid. We explained the situation and instead of apologizing or trying to rectify the situation, he just got nasty. We walked away, vowing never to go back

I didn't learn.

Nudy's Visit# 3 in Exton - A friend invited me to lunch yesterday at Nudy's in Exton and I decided to give it a try once again. Silly me! I ordered the Greek Wrap, telling the waitress that although the wrap didn't list any roasted peppers on the menu, I noticed many items on the menu have them. I told her I am allergic to all bell peppers and to make sure none were on the wrap. When it arrived, there was a lot of red in the wrap. I asked the waitress if they were roasted peppers and she told me no, they put a lot of tomatoes in the wrap. One bite, which i had to quickly spit out, and I knew. LOADED with bell peppers. Flagged the waitress down and fifteen minutes later she brought another wrap. She told me the cook did put bell peppers in the original wrap but no apology. This new wrap was only filled with a huge pile of lettuce, and a ridiculous amount of globby white cheese. There was one very small piece of eggplant and about 8 or 10 canned chickpeas. I would swear the cheese was cottage cheese, not feta. I have eaten a lot of feta over the years and love it. This was tasteless, not like any feta I ever had.

Since I was dining with someone I didn't really know (who had suggested the restaurant) I didn't return the wrap for a second time but I knew that my sandwich was supposed to be more than a big pile of lettuce and crummy cheese. I just pulled apart the wrap and basically ate dry lettuce with some wrap around it. I just looked at the online menu now and here is what I was supposed to get. Greek Wrap - Portabella mushrooms, eggplant, chick peas, feta cheese, diced tomatoes and chopped romaine lettuce with garlic mayo in a flour tortilla. For me there were no mushrooms, no tomatoes, no mayo and a miniscule amount of eggplant. Does the cook just put on each wrap what he feels like doing?

Here's what bothered me the most. First, they served me exactly what i told them I was allergic to and the cook couldn't be bothered to care. Second, the waitress NEVER asked how the second wrap was. Third the second wrap ALSO didn't have the ingredients that were listed on the menu. Fourth, never was there an apology for the mistake and certainly no offer of a comped meal or a coupon for a future meal, even though I ate only maybe a third of the second dish.

In every location we experience a big fail on quality control and on customer satisfaction. Why go back? We definitely won't!

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  1. I've only been once to the Berwyn location for lunch with a group from work. They must really have some back of house problems as it took 45 minutes to get the first few entrees while some waited an additional 10 minutes to get theirs. Quality was meh. There are too many good options in the area to try again.

    1. Been to Nudy's on 2 occasions and i'm with you I don't see the attraction. Nothing special or out of the ordinary.

      1. Nudy's is one of the places I go to fairly often for lunch with my mom. We've been to Nudy's in Frazer (once), Eagleview and (most often) Exton. I can't say we've ever had a problem at any of those locations. I generally prefer Nudy's to many of the other restaurant options in that area because I have a sense, rightly or wrongly, that the food at Nudy's is much fresher than at many other places. Also, given the godawful chains (Applebees, Ruby Tuesday's, Fridays, etc.) that populate the restaurant scene in and around Exton (where my Mom lives), Nudy's seems to among the best of the choices that appeal to both of us.

        1. I had lunch at the Nudy's in West Chester about a year ago. We waited in a long line, then waited forever for our food. I got an omelet. The quality was pretty good. It was enormous -- must have had 5-6 eggs. To me that's kind of gross -- who doesn't watch their cholesterol intake? -- but maybe portion sizes are what appeals to some folks. Personally I found the menu offerings bland overall -- nothing interesting enough to entice me to go back.

          1. I had brunch at the Devon Nudy's and ordered an inventive carrot cake french toast that was tasty enough. My companion enjoyed a different kind of french toast. It's not my favorite brunch spot but I would come back. I had difficulty finding the restaurant itself due to map issues and, after I called them (twice!) from a nearby parking lot, one of the waitresses was sweet enough to walk over and take me to the restaurant (apparently I'm not the only person who has had difficulty), rather than have my companion, who was already seated, come fetch me. I was embarrassed but the friendly hostess and waitresses went out of their way to make me less so. I'm sorry about your experience there...

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              Haven't been in a few years and I'm very much a breakfast lover. I cannot eat hashbrowns that taste like cardboard. No taste whatsoever! I even loaded with salt & pepper, still lousy! I'm a homefries Irish girl so this place just isn't for me.