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Mar 3, 2012 05:22 AM

New Cafe on 6 A in East Sandwich

I work off of 6A and have stopped into the new Cafe Riverview a few times. It's an adorable spot. Completely renovated the cafe features delicious breakfast and lunch treats. I have enjoyed take out once, dined in once and my colleagues have brought back lots of treats to share in the office. I have sampled their quiche (not a fan of quiche but it's good). They have really good bagels (which is hard to find on Cape Cod). They brought out an amazing French Toast with Lavender butter (I passed) but the smell was mouthwatering good. I had a very nice Cobb Salad (no meat) and enjoyed all of the fresh ingredients. It's a great spot alone historic 6 A

Cafe Riverview
451 Rt 6A
Sandwich, MA 02537
(508) 833-8365

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  1. Thanks for the report, will check it out. Something
    new is always welcome.

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      I forgot to mention, they sell See's Candy...truffles and peanut brittle and lollipops and a few other amazing confections..My friend went today and said it was mobbed!

    2. Ventured down this morning, and as others have mentioned, it's a lovely renovation. But to be honest, I found the selection very limiting. There were only 5 or so b'fast offerings, a quiche, french toast, a couple of different bagel sandwhiches, and bagels with lox. The bakery case had a few bagels, one muffin (pistachio), and two elephant ears. That's it. That's all. I hope they expand the menu and succeed as time goes by as it's hard not to root for someone trying to make a go in this economy, especially here on the cape. But I rarely walk out of a place because there is nothing to order. And that's how I felt here.

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        do they make their own bagels? If not where do they get them? Always looking for good bagels.
        thanks for above info, will stop there sometime.

        1. re: chauncy19

          I was told the bagels came from Cape Cod Bagel Company in Falmouth.

      2. I was driving down 6A today at lunchtime and finally stopped by the Café. It's a small menu and nothing particularly innovative, but I was impressed with the freshness of the food. I had the spinach and bacon quiche, and the spinach tasted just-picked; side salad was also crisp and fresh. My son's BLT disappeared too fast for me to have a taste, but he gave it a thumbs-up. I'd go back--it definitely beats the restaurant chains where the food is loaded with preservatives.