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Mar 3, 2012 05:11 AM


Bestellen opened (finally) last night. Anyone got plans to go? Was anyone else there? They didn't even announce it and it was RAMMED! Great cocktails that made the opening night jitters ok in my book!

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  1. How was the food?
    anyone else been?

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    1. re: hungryabbey

      I'd also be curious to know. It's on my list to of restaurants to try.

      1. re: hungryabbey

        The food was good. It was opening night so I just had appies and drinks. I'm going for a full on dinner either tonight or next sunday. I'll report back!

      2. hitting it in a few weeks. its steak tartare's on my to-do list.

        1. Went with four people last weekend. The steak was amazing. The atmos was ok. The service was wretched.

          Upon sitting down, we were told by our waiter that the menu was "designed for sharing." He then proceeded to tell us, over and over and over, that everything we ordered wouldn't be enough for four people. All night we had to endure a really pushy, hard sell, as though he was calculating his tip every time one of us opened our mouths with a question or order.

          For apps, we had a fish cake barely the size of a hockey puck. Price aside (it was $13) it was absolutely not designed for sharing. No recollection of the taste, because we split it four ways, kind of to spite the waiter. A half-dozen Malpeques were fresh and good, the hot sauce served with it was meh.

          We decided to share the $98 cote de boeuf, which the waiter informed us would only be enough for three of us. It came with two sides - when we chose the buttermilk coleslaw and rapini with house sausage, he announced that he was ordering us mashed potatoes, as well. We turned him down and said that we'd order more if we wanted it later.

          The beef, which is dry-aged in a glass-walled room that you can check out on your way in, was gorgeous, a generous 32 oz of medium-rare meat heaven. The flesh was soft and toothsome, the rosemary-flecked crust was salty in the best way possible, the bits near the bone were chewy and wonderful. The sides were decently sized and good, too. We spent a good chunk of time enjoying the meal at this point and ended up very, very full. This is when we realized that the problem wasn't so much the menu as the server.

          The cocktails were delicious and right on trend - bourbon, bitters, mezcal, etc. Perhaps $1 or $2 too pricey for the size. Nice beer selection. I didn't really notice the wines, I was in a cocktail mood. We didn't order dessert, because we were full, and also Waiter Boy kept pushing us to get two orders of hot cross buns. The room is loud, which is fine if you know that's what you're getting into. The seating in the back is a bit short for the tables, I felt like a nine-year-old.

          All in all, it's worth a trip for some excellent steak, but the effort of being firm with the up-selly service did reduce our enjoyment quite a bit. Also, whoever's idea it was to say the menu is "designed for sharing" needs to knock it off. IMO, they should kill the fussy appetizers, put a good Caesar salad on the menu and concentrate on being a quality modern steakhouse.

          1. went last night for the first time - wow, great burger!
            grilled octopus and steak tartare were fantastic.
            really enjoyed our meal and would definitely go again.

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            1. re: igk

              I'm so glad that you had such a great experience. The Toronto Star just wrote a scathing review of this restaurant, and now I'm reluctant to try it.

              1. re: kwass

                Bah, ignore the review. I had the tartare and octopus split with a friend, and the 10-oz tenderloin. Very nicely aged, cooked perfectly and the flavour was very intense (the aging!). For 31 bucks with one side dish, THAT is a great steak.

            2. we went last night.

              strip loin aged for 40 days? sign me up.
              the steak was by far one of the best steaks I've had. ever.
              there was a beautiful ribbon of fat on the side of the steak. it melted in my mouth like salted butter.

              i had the roman gnocchi as my side. its pretty much polenta, but it was an amazing side dish to the steak.

              we started the evening off with the duck tacos (perfectly smoked, nice and spicy) and the charcuterie board (surprisingly well executed. would have been nice to have some grainy mustard or something with the meat).

              we also had the steak tartare, which was a very nice and subtle take on a classic.

              my wife had the scallops as her "main" (she was pretty full) and she liked them a lot.

              no room for dessert.

              i'd ignore any scathing reviews. we watched the table near us get the whole suckling pig. it looked amazing.
              Bestellen should be a carnivore's delight. if you want a steak, hit it up.

              my only complaint would be our server. it would be nice to have someone that was less a "bro" and more friendly/professional