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Mar 3, 2012 01:37 AM

CRFA Show, Anyone here going?

I decided to attend the Canadian Restaurant and Food Association show this weekend.
Hoping to learn a little bit about the the upcoming trends.
Anyone else here going?
Will "tweet" to #CFRA and #TorEats #Chowhound
Thoughts will be posted here.

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  1. Good Luck. If your hoping for an inside scoop to the resto industry you probably won't find it there. Unless sampling the nwest McCain French Fry is your idea of a trend. That show makes me angry and i stopped going a long time ago for how much prepared food is there. It would be nice to know if it's changed at all!

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      Yea most restaurant people I know don't go either, I definitely won't go. Once the organizers realized there was more money letting the public in for a fee as well it started going downhill and fast. Too bad.