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New AYCE Sushi in Verona

creamfinger Mar 3, 2012 12:58 AM

I noticed a grand opening sign on a restaurant in Verona, on Bloomfield Ave (near the Acura dealership), called East Gate Sushi, Japanese & Chinese Restaurant. There is a big banner in the window that says All You Can Eat Sushi. Has anyone been there yet?

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    scarlet knight Mar 3, 2012 05:17 AM

    I have not been there and I hope it is good , but AYCE is not usually a good indication.

    I recently ate at a sushi restaurant in Westfield that I enjoyed, Fujiyama Mama. The rolls were highly discounted. I presume it was because the neighborhood was packed with other sushi restaurants. In Morristown, no discounts, but a ton of sushi restaurants. They need things like AYCE to distinguish themselves and stay in business.

    1. z
      zhelder Mar 3, 2012 05:28 AM

      This place looks to be a sit down AYCE sushi place, which seems to be the latest trend. You pick what you want from a special menu, and they prepare the food to order. There are some good places like this in Bergen County. I've been to Sushi X in Ridgewood and Sushi Village in Westwood and both were very good.

      I may have to check this place out myself, especially since they have some Grand Opening coupons on their website:


      1. s
        scarlet knight Mar 3, 2012 05:42 AM

        Looked at their menu, prices look moderate. I hope to try it soon.

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          SuzieQ Mar 5, 2012 06:38 AM

          My husband and I stopped in here for lunch a couple of weeks ago. The place is actually very nice. It is a sit down restaurant with full service. They have a regular menu and then an All You Can Eat Menu. For the All You Can Eat, they give you two sheets of paper - one for the kitchen and one for the sushi bar - where you can check off what you want to order. You don't have to order everything at once. You can order as you go and everything is made fresh. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised that the food was really good and the family running the restaurant is very nice. I would definitely give it a try.

          1. b
            bifpocaroba Mar 5, 2012 07:44 AM

            I went there last week and found it to be quite good. I had my standard order that I make at all places and like I said I was pleasantly suprised. In the area I like Yoshi Sono the best although the place is tired looking these days but the quality and service is still excellent. I also like Kim's in West Orange, Ocha and Sushi Cafe in Caldwell/West Caldwell. I'll definitely give this place another try. They did a nice job inside.

            1. z
              zhelder Jun 28, 2012 10:26 PM

              I finally paid a visit to this place to try the AYCE menu. It is in the same tiny strip where the late great Amazing Hot Dog was. It was very good. The sushi was fresh and tasty, and the hot appetizers were all good.

              The place is small, but very nice inside, and the service was friendly. I would still give the edge to Sushi Village in Westwood (prices for AYCE are the same in both places, but Sushi Village is much larger and has more offerings on the AYCE menus), but people in the Verona area are not likely to travel up to Westwood very often and vice-versa. So for those of you in the Verona area, check this place out. You won't be disappointed.

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              1. re: zhelder
                creamfinger Jun 29, 2012 12:30 AM

                I've actually had a chance to try this place since I originally made the post in March, and you are 100% spot on with your comments. I agree on all counts. Be sure to try their BBQ squid. It has a nice crispy char and a bit of smokiness. It's my favorite item there.

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