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Mar 3, 2012 12:42 AM

Almond milk: where/how does it work for you?

I just read an article where claims were made that almond milk is "creamy" in coffee, is "great" on cereal, and offers "mixed results" in baking. Are those claims true? Where/how do you find it useful?

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  1. On cereal,in pancakes ,cooked oatmeal ,in the glass after a peanut butter sandwich .In dairy and non dairy section of Stop and Shop,Waldbaums etc .Trader Joes Whole Food also

    1. Agree with scunge, great in cereal or pancakes or by itself. I also use it to make French toast. Just blend together egg, almond milk and some vanilla to dip the bread in. While t he toast is cooking heat some sliced bananas with butter, maple syrup and pecans, top on the French toast and it is delicious. I feel the almond milk makes the difference.

      1. Another vote for using it in cereal.

        1. I suppose I should try it because I mostly use milk for coffee and cereal, and it is almost the same price as milk here. Is it lower in calories perhaps than whole milk? Does it keep as long/well?

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            It's a little more than 100 calories less per cup than whole milk and 10g less carbs. I found it to be an easy replacement for the 1% milk that I used in cereal, oatmeal and smoothies. But not in my coffee. It just can't replace half and half.

          2. Eh, I personally don't like fake milks on cereal, they lack the body of real milk, but then I refuse to drink skim milk for the same reason. I'm a whole milk fan. I like coconut and almond milks as beverages in their own right and as smoothie ingredients. Even when I was vegan I hated them on cereal, so I quit eating cereal at all then.