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Mar 2, 2012 11:31 PM

Lobster roll in Virginia Beach

Coming to your area in a week. Would love to find a good lobster roll or any excellent seafood at a reasonable price. Not picky about type of restaurant. TIA

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  1. Lobster isn't caught anywhere near this part of the Atlantic. You'll find Lobster Rolls pretty much in the New England states. Sorry; they are awesome.

    Margie and Rays on the way to Sandbridge is an "old school" reasonable seafood place that's been around for many years. Mostly fried stuff. They have a dish called the Hurricane Margie that will easily feed four people.

    Tautog's will be a bit more money, but very local at the beach.

    The Lucky Oyster or the Surfrider would be good choices as well.

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      Thanks for your suggestions. I've been getting some good suggestions from other posts as well. I was told the very same thing about lobster in Seattle restaurants. We finally zeroed in on mostly oysters and crab and were very happy. Are there two or three kinds of fish or seafood to zero in on in Virginia?

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        Rockfish, its in season right now. Blue Crabs and oysters. Flounder is good too.