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St Patrick's Day/Looking for best Irish Bar/Resaurant

Hi, I want to blog about local North Jersey Irish bars/restaurants for my blow www.northjerseyfoodies.com. Already know about Grasshopper too, Clover Leaf. Not really familiar with many others in North Jersey. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Shannon Rose located in the Clifton Commons, Clifton New Jersey

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      Thanks. Is it a chain or privately owned?

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        Its a chain. The Harp and Bard in Clifton is a private pub.

    2. Egan and Sons in Montclair (and a smaller one in W. Orange) is privately owned.

      And I'm pretty sure that Shannon Rose is a privately-owned 'chain' (with 2 locations, iirc)

      1. In no particular order:

        Hennesssey's In Morristown,
        The Quiet Man in Dover,
        The Dublin Pub in Morristown,
        Blackthorn Restaurant & Irish Pub in Kenilworth,
        Claddah in Highlands,
        Cryan's in S. Orange,
        St. Jame's Gate Publick House in Maplewood,
        Shenanigan's in Rockaway,
        Thatcher McGee's in Denville,
        Collins Bar in Morris Plains
        Dublin House in Red Bank.
        The Auld Sheben, Whippany
        The Shannon Rose, Clifton (they have 2 other locations as well)
        Mannions in Somerville

        I am now off to ponder over why I know so many Irish Pubs.....

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          Great list! Thanks so much. Love the Dublin Pub. Totally forgot that one.

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            Great list, Punicea!

            Haven't been there in a while, is Molly Maguire's still around?

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              Flynn's Irish Pub & Steakhouse in Rahway.

            2. Molly Maguire's, Clark

              Kilkenny House, Cranford

              Molly Malone's, Whippany - same owners as the Dublin Pub. If memory serves they had a third place in Wharton, not sure if it's still there.

              P.S. Sorry about the double post.

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              1. Just bear in mind that any place even remotely identifiable as Irish will be a madhouse on St. Patrick's Day--even if the place is good, the food on March 17 may not be.

                1. O'Neil's, Bloomfield Ave, Verona

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                    Jump right in the thick of it and hit McGovern's in Newark.

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                      Yes, yes, YES!!! McGovern's is a LOT of fun. Particularly insane on 3/17, of course, but if you want a REAL Irish bar, go!

                      1. re: Curlz

                        agreed with Coldy...McGovern's is a must.

                  2. McDonaghs in Keyport has the best Irish pub food, maybe ever. Also, Murray MacGregor's in Rumson.

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                      Murray MacGregor's is now Molly Maguire's Black Point Inn. Just opened last week, I went last night. Live music was good, nice mixed crowd, old and young, Food was a disappointment. Fish n chips were the frozen kind, chips were ok, and the lamb stew was overpowered with thyme and swimming in grease. I really wanted to like this place, but I should check out McDonaghs.

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                        Gaffer's in West Orange is good for beer and they make a fine burger.

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                          In the Red Bank area, I prefer the Dublin House: http://www.thedublinhouse.net/. Not the best, but good for an occasional visiit. I too prefer McDonagh's in Keyport: http://www.mcdonaghs.com/. The food is a step above most other places claiming to serve authentic Irish dishes.

                        2. A new place in Branchburg of Rt. 22 west....Willie McBrides"

                          1. Burkes in westwood
                            Davey's in Montvale