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Mar 2, 2012 07:30 PM

Toucan Taco Bar

Does anyone know if the owners are the same as Canard Mort/Rossignol, or if it's completely different management? At first I thought it was totally separate since Rossignol seemed to have a lease issue, yet on Canard Mort's website, they reference Toucan Taco Bar, which I doubt they would do unless they're affiliated? I'm confused. In any event, I've been waiting for something like this in our hood, hope it's good, and not poorly managed like Canard/Rossignol!

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    1. re: num nums

      That story is kind of strange. like an advertisement for the resto.
      the pricing's out of whack with market value. you have the Combine which already is on the (perceived) high end. you have Grand Electric, which is $10/3 tacos and you have La Carnita at $3.50, i believe, for each taco.

      i wish them luck, but idunno....

    2. Hubby and I dropped by last night - as I spotted the name change on my way home. Turns out it was opening night! I ordered tacos - was very surprised (and slightly disappointed) that they were crispy and not soft tacos. Flavours were pretty good, the red (shrimp) and yellow mole (chicken) were tasty from what I could discern, sadly there was just a tiny dab on each taco (more please). Nice and spicy, but serving sizes and prices seem a bit off. While we weren't overly impressed by the food, the vibe was friendly, and heck, it was their first night! Excited to have another food option in the 'hood and will give it another try in a month or so.

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      1. re: beetgreens

        I went last night as well. I did not realize it was opening night. A little on the pricey side, $9 for a single chorizo taco is a little steep. Crispy shells are not my thing either, maybe an option to have soft corn tortilla may influence a return visit.

        1. re: vaiguy777

          $9.00?!? Tacos are supposed to be cheap and quick - fast food - did it come with a salad or something?

          1. re: kbdid

            Unfortunately, it did not. Just a single if the street vendors in mexico knew they could get 9 bucks for a single taco, the borders would be flooded..hehe

            1. re: vaiguy777

              You have to be kidding - 9 for one taco? Was it mind blowingly good? Was it sprinkled with edible silver leaf? Stick to the real Mexican joints in Kensington Market - not trendy, but cheap and authentic, VERY welcoming, and no attitide or deafening sound track.

              1. re: KitchenVoodoo

                Trust me, I was shocked! It was not mind blowing, as I said, I am not a fan of hard shells...reminds me of grocery store crap. I am with you on Kensington....

                If it works, I may buy a 9 bucks a taco, I would be rich in no time..hehe

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I had my third meal on Toucan's patio the other night. I returned not because my previous experiences were particularly noteworthy, but because of convenience and the opportunity to eat outside. This was a little foolish, because the patio is at best basic, with a view of the dish washing room, cleaning materials, and mason jar filled with cigarette butts near a bbq. At the prices charged for the food, a greater attention to the surroundings is necessary for decent value.

          I ordered a chorizo taco and a pulled pork taco. Both were undermined by what seemed like store-bought soft tacos. The chorizo was decent, the pulled pork forgettable. These are generic, uninspired tacos. The rice and beans that accompanied them were terrible, and I don't use that word casually--overcooked and unseasoned white rice topped with black beans likely from a can and also unseasoned. The side salad was tired romaine that added nothing. All this for $14? No thank you.

          I told the server about the rice and beans as helpfully and sensitively as I could. I almost never raise issues with food to waist staff, but the rice and beans required it. I made it clear the my purpose was only to offer some needed criticism, and I didn't want any discount. This brought the manager to my table, who took offence to my criticism and gave me quite a lot of attitude. Then she comped my meal, which I hadn't asked for. It was a welcome gesture. I left a 25% tip and walked. Hard to understand why any place hassle a customer over measured criticism intended to be constructive and by any standard deserved.

          In sum, I can't think of any reason to go this restaurant, especially with the L Pump down the street.