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Mar 2, 2012 07:11 PM

Panera Bread coming to Manalapan

Was at Cheeburger yesterday for lunch with my daughter.. I noticed some activity going on next door, inside the long-shuttered Cafe Foozy's. I inquired, and Panera Bread will be going into that space. I'm not super excited, but it's nice to see that empty space finally get a tenant, and it "fits" in with everything else. (That and there's already a Panera Bread very close by in Old Bridge).

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  1. Panera is not my favorite place, but it's good to have around I guess. Their breads are not all that bad and come somewhat close to good artisan breads (though their breads are overpriced, I think).

    I've even had some OK lunches there. Just stay away from the soups...every one of them is just godawful, most especially their "chowders" and other cream type soups. Those are all a salty starch-fest.

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      I like Panera but good luck finding a parking spot once it is open.