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Mar 2, 2012 05:09 PM

Tamales in Vallejo - parking lot of La Tapatia Market

If you are in Vallejo on Saturday or Sunday morning there is a lady who sells homemade tamales from her car in the parking lot of La Tapatia Market on Broadway and Illinois in Vallejo. The tamales are not huge like La Borinquina, small but quite good - especially right out of the pot. The masa has a lot of flavor, moist not dry. I believe 4 types of tamales are available, pork, chicken, beef and chile/cheese. The Senora usually arrives about 8:15 am - I have gone there on Saturday at 10 am and have found she may only have beef or pork tamales left. Tamales are $1.50 each or $15.00 per dozen. This is my go to tamale place - I think they are better than the tortilla factory on Sonoma St. near Georgia St. and Mi Pueblo market that opened last year on Springs Road and Las Montanas in Concord.
La Tapatia market has take out food which I have not tried, and a carnicero - very good chicken, marinated chicken and chorizo which is made at the market.

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  1. Thanks. It sounds like a great tip. i also appreciate the mention of La Taptio. It is not on my usual migration path when I'm in Vallejo. I'll have to check it out.