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Mar 2, 2012 04:24 PM

University City (close to Penn) engagement party rec. pretty please!?

Ciao everyone,

I'm helping my best friend's Mother plan an engagement party for her son. She is looking for a private room or place to hold about 50 people. BYOB or liquor license doesn't matter. A good space, with good food and good service is what counts. I can't remember what Marigold would be like, but I can't think of much out there besides Distrito, that may work?....Any suggestions would be excellent. Thank you all in advance if you could help.


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  1. Marigold Kitchen - byob

    1. JG Domestic at the cira center would work. White Dog has lots of rooms, and I ate there recently and it was all delicious.

      1. Thanks all! Marigold can only accommodate 38 people and has a minimum of $5,000 just to shut the restaurant down. I'll look into White Dog. Hear mixed reviews...Any word on City Tap House?

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          The one time I ate at City Tap House, the service and food felt more college hang out than great restaurant.

          That's why I mentioned that I ate at White Dog recently, because I heard that after Judy sold it, people didn't like the changes. I think the food is more refined, but still similarly focused as it was 10 years ago when I first started going.

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            City Tap House has a GREAT beer selection, meh food, and a paint-by-number feel. I'd recommend it for drinks on a slow night, and it definitely has space, but you aren't going to have a great meal there.

          2. Is University City/near Penn an absolute must? B/c that really limits the possibilities when so much more would be available nearby more in Center City...

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              Thank you to all who weighed in. Unfortunately, UCity is a must because there will be 50 people, mostly out-of-towners, coming for the church service at 39th and Chestnut. It's going to be tough enough parking once, let alone twice on a Friday night in the city.