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Mar 2, 2012 03:02 PM

Caramel Sauce Substitution--will this work?

I want to make a hot caramel sauce to pour over ice cream. The recipe calls for melting the sugar, throwing in some butter & then adding heavy whipping cream. I don't have the cream but I do have FAT-FREE half & half. Will that work? I really don't need much cream so I don't want to buy it. If that doesn't work, can I sub evaporated milk (regular of fat free)? Or does someone have a better idea.

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  1. Evaporated milk, yes. Don't know about fat free anything. A variation to hot fudge on your theme is here:

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    1. re: pinehurst

      I don't remember what I have at home but I suspect that my evaporated milk is Fat Free also. Does anyone know if that works?

      1. re: sparkareno

        Any liquid will work, it just won't have that same rich, thick quality. If quality matters, I would stop for some cream or whole milk. It seems like your recipe may have more butter than cream -- if that's the case you will already have a good amount of fat in there, which gives you more leeway.

        1. re: maxie

          It is 6 TBS of butter & 1/2 cup cream. I could stop & get it but we don't need the calories & I don't want to have leftover cream. But it is for the boyfriend's birthday so maybe I should splurge.

          1. re: sparkareno

            For his birthday, I would go the extra mile and live large.

            1. re: maxie

              LOL...yes, he deserves it. But then he complains that he has gained about 10 lbs since dating me!

    2. You could do it by subing in water for part of the cream. After it has cooled a bit add your FF1/2&1/2 to thin to desired consistency. I imagine that the product is pretty stable as long as you do not cook it since it is meant to add to near boiling liquids any way.

      1. Ok, I just took inventory & it turns out that I have full fat evaporated milk and fat free 1/2 & 1/2....which would yield the better tasting caramel sauce?

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