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5 Pounds Of Ground Beef - What can I make?

I've got about 5 pounds of ground beef in the fridge that I need to cook before it goes bad. I don't have very many other ingredients to cook with at the moment either. Im looking for some things I can make and have left overs.

Yes burgers is an option but is there anything else?

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  1. Countless kinds of meatballs (they also freeze easily), bolognese sauce, Sloppy Joes, Tourtiere, meatloaf - but I would add pork to these.

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      Tourtiere - is that some type of French meat pie? How do you make yours?

    2. I'd divvy it up: one batch chili, one batch meatloaf, one batch bolognese. What's leftover, you make burgers. Beats having 5lbs of ONE thing.

      1. I second the Tourtiere suggestion!

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          Oh, third. YUM. Make a couple of them.

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            I 3rd the Tourtiere
            I still have one in the freezer

            chili con carne
            poor mans stroganoff
            albondagos [sp?] soup
            stuffed cabbage
            stuffed bells
            cottage/shepards pie

            1. if you have a big head of cabbage you can make a bunch of pigs in the blanket ,or if it wasent previously frozen then divide it up into 5 1 lb chunks and freeze it of all meets beef keeps best

              1. Saute it up with onions and spices. If you want, you could add sauteed carrots and or bell pepper and or celery. Use 1 - 2 pounds to make a casserole. Layer rice for a casserole or mashed potatoes for cottage pie. Put the rest in 3 or 4 zip lock bags and freeze it for the next time you want a very fast casserole.

                If you don't mind meat loaf without other ground meats mixed in, you could make some meatloaf kits up and freeze them. Just take them out of the freezer, form them into a loaf and cook.

                A lot of people cook like that all the time. Saves them a lot of time and if they get the stuff on sale, it saves them a lot of money.

                1. Quick and easy to make and good to freeze is the Hispanic standard Picadillo. Saute ground beef with some chopped onion and green pepper. Add an 8-oz can of tomato sauce per pound of beef then fill the can with water and add that too. Season with salt, garlic, and cumin (the cumin is what gives Picadillo its characteristic flavor). Add raisins and stuffed olives (the chopped-up "salad olives" are fine). Simmer for a few minutes. Serve with rice.

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                    I've never made this before, actually never heard of it before.

                    What else have you seen served with it other than rice, to fill out a meal?

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                      I haven't made Picadillo in ages and it is sooo good! Thanks for the reminder. To Rella - I love it over rice and also as a filling for empanadas. It's like the Cuban sloppy joe.

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                        I guess I looked too hard for some picadillo recipes, so I put together my own recipe, but darn!! I didn't see one recipe that used cumin, but I did see a recipe that went against my grain using both cloves and cinnamon - whew!

                        I put what we didn't eat in pint jars to freeze. When I thaw and heat, I'll be sure to add some cumin.

                        It tasted prety good, I used a lot of capers in it along with same amount of stuffed olives, green pepper (which I didn't see many recipes that called for it), didn't see any raisins in any recipes. But I got the jist of it. Served with rice, fresh asparagus steamed; pressure cooked red cabbage. Thanks again Q.

                      2. If it can't be frozen, I agree with the other posters -- make a couple of dishes that can be frozen after they are cooked. Meatballs, baked on a sheet pan, cooled, frozen and put into a freezer bag -- you can pull out as many as you need here and there. Make some of it into a tomato-based sauce for pasta -- also freezes well and will be handy. Chili freezes, too. My mother keeps a freezer bag of hamburger patties seperated with wax paper in the freezer for my father so he can take one and zip down and grill one when she isn't there to cook.

                        1. The best way to deal with it would be to portion it out and freeze most of it for some other time when you have the other ingredients available you may want to cook with. Unless you absolutely have to, or really just want to stock your freezer with ready-to-heat stuff, there's no reason you should cook it all at once - esp. in dishes where you'll be browning the meat anyway, frozen works just as well as fresh.