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Mar 2, 2012 01:50 PM

5 Pounds Of Ground Beef - What can I make?

I've got about 5 pounds of ground beef in the fridge that I need to cook before it goes bad. I don't have very many other ingredients to cook with at the moment either. Im looking for some things I can make and have left overs.

Yes burgers is an option but is there anything else?

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  1. Countless kinds of meatballs (they also freeze easily), bolognese sauce, Sloppy Joes, Tourtiere, meatloaf - but I would add pork to these.

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    1. re: chefathome

      Tourtiere - is that some type of French meat pie? How do you make yours?

    2. I'd divvy it up: one batch chili, one batch meatloaf, one batch bolognese. What's leftover, you make burgers. Beats having 5lbs of ONE thing.

      1. I second the Tourtiere suggestion!

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        1. re: carlee134

          Oh, third. YUM. Make a couple of them.

          1. re: carlee134

            I 3rd the Tourtiere
            I still have one in the freezer

            chili con carne
            poor mans stroganoff
            albondagos [sp?] soup
            stuffed cabbage
            stuffed bells
            cottage/shepards pie

            1. if you have a big head of cabbage you can make a bunch of pigs in the blanket ,or if it wasent previously frozen then divide it up into 5 1 lb chunks and freeze it of all meets beef keeps best