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Mar 2, 2012 01:40 PM

Vail - romantic, not too pricey, open Sunday night?

OK, so maybe I'm dreaming. DH has been on a job that has taken him to Vail several times over the last few weeks. He'll be there again this weekend, and I got tired of listening him to talk about how pretty it was. So this time I'm tagging along...figured I could indulge in a little winter recreation while he works........We'll be arriving Sunday, and that will be our main "date night" for the week. Soooo...any ideas? We're trying to keep cost down (hotel is comped through the work, fortunately. :-) . Something with a fireplace would be wonderful; ever since I moved to Vegas I don't do winter....but I'm willing to forgo that rule for a chance to enjoy some fresh powder:-)

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  1. What do you consider not too pricey? Where are you staying?

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      We are staying at the Holiday Inn, largely because that's where DH is working. He likes the Japanese restaurant there, but the only reference I've found to it on chowhound is that food was ok and inexpensive for lunch, but that the atmosphere is somewhat lacking. DH isn't nearly as picky about atmosphere as I am:-) What do I consider not too pricey? Well, I would rather keep our meal under 100 bucks before drinks.....

      @Blue OX: DH is apparently aware of the rock concert: he tells me that the reason we are arriving Sunday and not Saturday is that apparently the hotel is sold out Saturday night. When you are a guest of the hotel (and one of their vendors) you try not to take a room that they could sell.....He tells me that he would rather stick close to the hotel. This is my first trip to Vail so I have no idea what that means......although apparently it is right off of highway 70. Your suggestion looks lovely but probably on the upper edge of our price range. We will have a car...any suggestions close to "home"? Ethnic is fine and it doesn't even have to be that romantic if its fun or maybe has some live entertainment. We don't do steakhouses, however (DH doesn't eat red meat....)

      1. re: janetofreno

        Janet, being a first visit, you may want to walk through "Vail Village", the main part is off of Bridge Street and Gore Creek Drive. I'd recommend doing appetizers at Sweet Basil, Bully Ranch (mussels, but get the order for 3) and Terra Bistro (folks are saying their trout is killer). If you do apps and sit in the bar area, the prices aren't bad. I'd also think about walking over to Larkspur and again do apps in the bar. This will give you a great Vail experience.

        1. re: BlueOx

          Thanks, I like that idea! Gives me a chance to do a little window shopping too.....

    2. Janet, I owe you a recommendation because I used so many of yours in Las Vegas. The most romantic, I think, is Mirabelle ( at the entrance to Beaver Creek. That said, its a bad weekend to be in the Avon area, big rock concert going on, but ask the folks at Mirabelle for directions (only go if you are driving, buses will be tough to use). Sunday night things should be winding down.

      1. in march i believe it is going to be difficult to find quiet/intimate. some you might want to look into:
        la bottega, alpenrose, campo di fiori, montauk.

        1. Report back: as is often the case in our adventures, we ended up going a completely different route (no "romantic") But it turned out ok anyway. We decided to take Blue Ox's advice and walk through Vail Village, maybe having just drinks and apps at a couple of places. But it soon became obvious that no place would be quiet; the first two or three we tried really didn't even have room at the bar. Meanwhile, DH had worn only a sweater and no hat, since the day had been so warm. But the temps were falling rapidly after sunset and he was anxious to get inside someplace warm. So when he noticed a sign on the outside of the Red Lion Inn advertising a daily special of black bean soup (one of his all-time favorites) we had to go in. Of course, the place is far from romantic, especially given that we were seated next to a table with about five (fortunately well-behaved) children. But there was Fat Tire on tap, the onion rings are some of the best I've had in years (hand battered and thick slices), and the Bulls were on hubby was warm and happy. The black bean soup was very good; a huge serving in a bread bowl. I had the baby back ribs, which have a nice smoky rub and the perfect tender chewiness. I didn't care for the sauce (too sweet), but had asked for it on the side and they really didn't need sauce with that rub anyway. Dinner was satisfying if not romantic, and the price was right (just around 60 dollars including beers, tax, and tip). We finished with some English toffee from Rocky Mountain Chocolate may be a chain but the toffee is good and that is another of DH's he was happy and romantic and the evening ended well:-)