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Mar 2, 2012 01:29 PM

Catering Califon, NJ

Hi - Anyone know of a good caterer in or near Califon, NJ? I"m looking to have a party of about 120 people catered in the fall and am not having much luck.

No over the top stuff, just a Steak, Chicken, and Vegetarian, (most likely pasta with veggie dish), sides, and a cake. Maybe an appetizer or two depending on pricing.

Food needs to be good.


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  1. Have you tried the Long Valley Pub and Brewery? They do catering and might be able to handle 120 people.


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    1. I tried catering from Long Valley Pub and was very disappointed, I would never use them again. They used preformed, breaded frozen chicken instead of real chicken - something like commercial mcnuggats, all filler and crap. I am sorry but when I hire a caterer I expect better quality than that.

      I have been very happy with Burrini's in Randolph. I have used them quite a few times, for everything from a casual outdoors picnic style get together to formal (holiday) sit down feasts and have never been let down. They also are quite happy to accommodate special requests, that are not on their regular or holiday catering menu.
      Their store has a wonderful prepared to go food as well as a hot bar, so I am able to taste test before planning my catering menu. In my case they were happy to adjust items to suit my needs - they toned down the garlic on some of the items for a children's party without batting an eye.

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        Thanks for the LVP review... I was a little suspect of them - have eaten there and it's so-so. Thank you for Burrini's suggestion - I'll check them out.

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          I should add that Burrini's started out as a high end butcher shop in Mendham 20+ years ago offering the best prime beef and meats. They began offering prepared foods, and demand was so great customers started to ask them to cater . The catering business was such a huge success they outgrew their space in Mendham so they opened a larger store in Randolph. (and have recently further expanded at the Randolph location) They still have a great full service butcher counter in the store with prime meats. Their prices are not cheap, but you will get top notch food, prepared from scratch. IMHO their prices are quite reasonable considering the quality and quantity of food. There is a reason the place is doing so well and keeps expanding despite the economy.

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            Thanks again! I'm going to attempt contacting them this week.

        2. re: PuniceaRana

          Thanks for this. I suggested LVP only because it's not far from Califon. Don't know anyone who has had catering done by them.

          I agree with SheeRah's comments about the food at the restaurant. We go there only for a burger and a brew! Most other things are decidedly average.

          1. re: ambrose

            Thanks for trying ambrose! I'm going to look into the two mentioned above.

        3. try Kathy Ussery In Peapack. Her email is Excellent food and service. Been to several of her events and always happy customers.

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          1. re: gunboat

            Thank you for the suggestion! Does she work out of a restaurant?

            1. re: SheeRah

              No restaurant affiliation, she is well known as a personal chef in the Somerset Hills area. I have been at events she has done with 200(bank opening in Chester) people and much smaller house parties. Will try and find a link to her.

              1. re: gunboat

                Thanks gunboat! I had tried googling her and couldn't come up with anything... I'll give her a shot by email later in the week.

          2. Hello SheRah I know this sounds crazy, but try domonick's pizza in clinton. Owner is Frank Ruffa, been in the buisness for over 30 yrs and i can tell you that everything there is made fresh, not frozen as far as catering goes.i have seen the working kitchen and what goes into a catered affair and will tell you it is over the top as far as what others produce. He will work with you and your budget and you will ALWAYS get more than you pay for. Just check out the parking lot on a Friday night or any time over the weekend to see what im saying. Also check out all the police departments cars that are in the front and back parking lot all the time. That tells you where the good and reasonable priced food is

            1. Hello SheeRah,

              I am letting you know that BEX Kitchen is right in Califon, they are a top notch caterer, it cannot hurt to give them a try. Located at 52 Main Street, 908-975-3334. They will be handling Tewksbury's annual barn dance, a 300 person event in May. Joanie and Becky are great, and they have a professional staff. Good Luck