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Mar 2, 2012 01:27 PM

Help! Need a memorable anniversary dinner!

It's our 1 year anniversary coming up on the 11th, and I have no idea where to go. We're based out of South Hill/Puyallup Area, but I don't mind driving anywhere from Tacoma to the Seattle/Bellevue area if the food and experience is worth it. We don't have a preference on food, or even price. All I want is something with either a fun, entertaining atmosphere or a great view.

Originally, I planned on us going to the Space Needle, but so many people have said the food is just not worth the price tag, and neither one of us want to go to the Melting Pot due to having been there several times.

TL;DR Anything with either really hilarious, entertaining staff or a quiet window booth with a great view would suit us, I'm just looking for something really memorable.

ANY ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks!!!!!

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  1. How about Teatro Zinzani? It's downtown near the Space Needle. The food is directed by Tom Douglas. And the time I went (although some years ago) the show was very entertaining. Not the staff, but the performers. They rotate out the show every however months.

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      Though $urely not my daily fare, the food at Herbfarm is terrific, the evening is leisurely and long, the staff is splendid, and the whole thing is surely memorable. Canli$ will get you food and service at that level, if less theatric. Enjoyment at Elemental requires letting go of more control than many people are happy (bring $200 for dinner), but we've enjoyed it and felt entirely un-rushed, well-coddled, and well-poured. Truly off the wall, casual, not exactly fine-dining, but tasty and fun, Pasta Freska is can easily be a memorable evening. Tell Mike what's up and he can do you right. See Ray's Boat House for a famous view and good fish.
      At Perche No, hosts Lily and David Wong can also put together a memorable evening, but maybe more subdued than you seek. This also goes for Chez Shea, in the Market.

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        Triple Door is a great performance house, and serves a tasty menu from Wild Ginger, upstairs>>>
        Check their booking calendar, you might get lucky and score a great show.

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        We went to Teatro Zinzani and had a terrific and memorable evening; I would definitely second the suggestion. For a quiet venue, I would suggest Ponti or the Book Bindery.

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          3rd's on Teatro if your looking for a fun and memorable evening.
          2nds on Chez Shea for romantic, delicious and memorable. Not really a view of the water, but right in the market, and the room is absolutely romantic. Had one of my best aniversary meals EVER there doing the tasting menu, and the staff was warm, and very into helping our evening be abosolutely romantic.

          You might also consider Altura, on Capitol Hill, where you could sit at the bar and be entertained by the kitchen action, if you like that sort of thing; WONDERFUL food - Italian/new american food. This resto has been on many 'best new' lists, and is up for a James Beard award already.

      3. Try The Sitting Room in Queen Anne ........

        Or some place more mainstream, casual and less stuffy like Anthony's Pier 66, downtown SEA might work and has a good view (even in this non-stop bloody rain we've been getting in the PNW).

        Or, in same vein as Zinzanni, if it were me I might go to Fremont and hit The Nectar Lounge:

        I second the nod to The Triple Door, in downtown SEA across from Benaroya Hall. Last time we were at TTD was for a performance by jazz singer Patricia Barber. Food was decent, kinda like The Wild Ginger's appetizers, because well, that's pretty much where they come from (upstairs).

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          LR, The sitting room is nice for a drink and a shared plate, but is certainly not a dinner destination....
          Also, I could never compare Nectar (tho I like it for a show, especially in summer with the door open) to Zinzanni. Nectar is a show lounge, Zinzanni is dinner & a complete theatre show, with sit-down service and multi-courses.

        2. No one's mentioned Canlis? Also, Rays has a great view and really good food.

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