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Mar 2, 2012 01:19 PM

All Things Croissant

Who makes the best croissants? Are they made on site or from frozen dough made elsewhere?

I'm specifically looking for my two favorites: Ham & Gruyere and Spinach and Feta.

Also, has anyone tried Trader Joe's frozen and how are they?

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  1. My favorite croissant is made by Bars Bakery in St Paul on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only. They have a delicious ham and cheese version. You need to go well before noon for the best chance to get one. They taste deceptively light, even though you know they are packed full of butter.

    Patisserie 46 is my second choice for a ham and cheese croissant. It's a close second, mind you. To be honest, when I go to Patisserie 46 I prefer getting one of their ornate sweets, like a Mont Blanc, or their quiche for lunch, so it could be the ham and cheese croissant pales in comparison to their other offerings, as opposed to other croissants in the Twin Cities.

    I'm pretty sure both bakeries make their croissants on site.

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      +1 for Bars. Love their croissants!

      I tknow there's a lot of love for Trung Nam on this board too, but I really thing Bars' are miles better.

      1. re: Quince

        Agree w/ you quince, but even though it isn't the best thing they do there, I still think it is the best croissant in town. I will have to check out bars on the weekend, but the layering at p46 is almost pornographic...

      2. Favorite ham and cheese (not sure if they use gruyere or not) croissant is at Baker's Wife.

        1. I'm not sure about Ham & Gruyere or Spinach & Feta, but I thought I had some pretty good pan au chocolat at Patrick's in Edina. If pan au chocolate's on offer, I can't bring myself to order anything savory.