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Mar 2, 2012 12:29 PM

PARIS dinner itinerary set, some lingering questions regarding so called "Wine Bars"

We will now be in Paris for 7 nights concluding our month long trip to France in May. Have reserved and or will be for the following dinners.
Tuesday: Chez L'Ami Jean (reservation made)
Wednesday: Frenchie (reservation made)
Thursday: La Fontaine de Mars (to be made)
Friday: Bistro Paul Bert (to be made)
Saturday: Les Papilles (reservation made)
Sunday: leaving open
Monday: leaving open

Re: Wine Bars: Would like to take an afternoon or two and walk, crawl around trying different Wine Bars. What arrondissments would be good for this. Would probably snack here or there, i know some places require you to eat something, you can't just have a glass of wine. Would probably also visit in the evening. We are staying in the 1st, looks like there are plenty of options here. Will also be going out to Le Baron Rouge on Sunday.
Is it doable to hit the 5th quarter and wonder over to the 6th hitting several Wine Bars? Any suggestions or itineraries? How about the 7th? Is La Verre Vole in the 10th worth making a trip to, anywhere else out there if in the area? Thanks for any suggestions or recs.

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  1. Lots of great wine bars in the 1st. Le Rubis, Willi's, Juveniles, au Bon Crus and Verjus come to mind. BR is great fun on Sunday. Oyster guy won't be there in may but the wine and charcuterie and cheese and the atmosphere will be. The Aligre market anound the corner is busy and good.

    Verre Vole is on my s@#t list. Only place in Paris that I have ever walked out of in 30 years. The owner was such an a.hole so I couldn't tell you anything about food or wine. Le Beratin is not far and really good.

    Your restaurant list looks very good.

    1. "i know some places require you to eat something, you can't just have a glass of wine" - I wasn't aware of that are there many? Most of the ones I frequented were more than happy to just serve me wine. I suspect the bigger problem you will have is finding that many that are actually open in the afternoon, most close after lunch then reopen in the evening (and this is especially true of the specialists).

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        I may be wrong! I thought a number of places required you to eat something now, for example La Verre Vole. I do find Jock's comment interesting re: La Verre Vole. That is one thing I neglected that many of "these wine bars" may close between lunch and dinner, although I've been checking out the hours so as not to try and go to a place only to find it's closed.

        1. re: mick

          I susect the confusion is that places like La Verre Vole are not wine bars.

          They are wine shops with tables to eat at. In effect a restaurant that sells wine at a retail price to take out, or with a slight mark up if you drink with the meal, Pappilles is another example. To me a wine bar has a bar (not all these wine shop/restaurants have them) and sells wine by the bottle and glass (again these shope/restaurants often just sell bottles).

          So places like Rubis, Willies, Maceo, Baron Rouge, Verjus, Frenchies WB, Le Barratin etc are different, they may sell food but they are true bars with a nice counter to lean on while you quaff.

          1. re: PhilD

            Phil can I tap up your experiences of La Verre Vole, Verjus, Albion and Frenchies WB and Au Passage? I realise you can reserve AP but for the others would one expect to be able to turn up and eat on a weekday evening or are you always looking at long waits?

            1. re: ManInTransit

              Verjus wine bar was very quiet when we went on a weekday but maybe an anomaly that night. We arrived at Frenchie wine bar just before 7:00pm and grabbed the last 2 seats (maybe later is OK too). We dined at Albion on a Friday evening and there were several walk-ins and they were able to seat them all, most with no wait, some with a short wait, you can reserve here.

              1. re: PattyC

                Albion is very good. Go before it becomes too sought after, as it certainly iwll.

                1. re: PattyC

                  MT - missed your post. My experience is identical to Patty's. I think Albion will get more difficult i was there in its first weeks.

                  1. re: PattyC

                    Thanks Patty, and for Phil for drawing the reply to my attention.

                    Albion certainly seems as though it merits a visit, Verjus is on our doorstep so we may well do both.

            2. Au Passage is great. Maceo is owned by the guys at Willy's Wine bar, great place for a verre. My fave Sunday dinner is Au Moulin a Vent, also c alled Chez Henri, excellent frogs's legs, cote du boeuf, very local. Also fun Sunday is Lipp, yes they sneer at tourists, but if you insist on the ground floor they make a great roasted chicken with frites. Twakes the house wines, they are excellent. If you want to risk no reservations, Brassserie Mazarine, or Bistrot Mazarine, cannot be beat for locals (dogs included) and good food. Bon appetit, Chic Fille