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Mar 2, 2012 12:13 PM

Best sushi in Torrance?

I'm curious about hound recs for sushi in the Japanese bastion of Torrance CA. Years back I went to Hakone which was a-okay, but I read that the original owners retired and it's being run by new folk. Sushi Zo currently sets the bar for me, but I'd love to find something more in the cut like old school Sasabune and Nozawa. No frills necessary. Just plastic chairs and melt in your mouth fish.

Yelp yielded




4 1/2 stars? Anybody agree?

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  1. Kantaro is awesome. The decor is so deceptive that it makes it chic. Best omakase value in town, 39 dollars. Call ahead because it's a 2 and a half person operation. sushi chef and his wife and reputedly a fry cook in the back who I've seen by accident once. They will turn away people if they get too busy.

    btw, eat the fish bones after they fry it otherwise you will really disappoint the waitress.

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      Don't disagree Kantaro has that grimey, homey, holey charm. But to say Kantaro is the "best sushi" in Torrance (& adjacent)... that's a far, far stretch. Miura and Nozomi are both eons above. Heck, I might even place Kanpachi over Kantaro for fish variety/quality.

      1. re: TonyC

        I don't recall saying it was the best sushi, but I did say it was the best omakase value. Can you do a 40 dollar omakase at miura or nozomi? Never been to either.

    2. haru is korean. if you like gimbap it's great. i've never had their rolls, just the takeout gimbap.

      of the places i tried in torrance, i'd go with kanpachi. $35 omakase and it's all decent quality.
      i used to like ikko but they closed down.
      i tried sen nari and didn't like the rice.
      i also tried miura and i dunno, i just didn't feel like it was really that good.

      kentaro looks cool though, maybe i'll try it sometime.

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        1. Haru has such high ratings, in my opinion, simply because it is so cheap - under $5 for quite a large roll - and the ingredients are of decent quality. If you are looking for something cheap you can also look to Sushi Cal ( which has only three types of rolls but they are all made really well (just be sure to call in ahead as it is a two person operation). But again, both of these places are more for the to-go orders.

          Never had Kantaro so I really can't comment on the place, but then again never really cared for Omakase either as I am much more of a roll person.

          If you are looking for rolls, I suggest Sushi Delight ( as they have a huge selection of rolls (try the King Kong Roll) - just avoid anything else as the rest of their menu is pretty meh. Otherwise, Kotosh ( is my favorite spot for Peruvian/Japanese cuisine and their rolls are also quite good (albeit a bit small for the price).

          As for omakase, I have also heard that Hirose ( does a good omakase for about $45 or so.

          Sushi Delight
          2117 Pacific Coast Hwy, Lomita, CA 90717

          1. Thank you all for the recs. Much appreciated!