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Bronxville Castle


I'm planning on checking out the hummus and falafel at this new place this week-end. But if you've already been there and have a better suggestion, I'm listening.

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  1. That's very interesting, Sloth. I haven't been past there since they finished the construction, but I'll have to go check it out! Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Thanks for posting Sloth, stopped by today on my way home. We shared the lamb shawarma

      it was delicious ( ask for the house made hot sauce it is not out and not served without asking ) . If you order a Gyro ask for the sauce on the side or tzatziki, the white sauce they use reminded me of creamy italian dressing. The owner is very nice and extremely talkative make sure you have a few minutes to kill when you stop in. I'm sure they will eventually speed things up. I would definitely go there again to order the shawarma.

      We had dinner last night at the new Habachi place in Tuckahoe, what a disappointment. As per the people sitting next to us they are the same owners of the soon to be reopened Onn's that is currently being renovated, they will focus on Thai and Chinese. I hope it is better than what we had last night.

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        OMG, Onn's was absolutely bizarre. Will never go back. Server acted like she was on crack. The food was pretty so so.

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            This thread contains what I wrote over a year ago. Not that it really belongs on this thread. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/787640 I would be very worried about going to anyplace run by these people though I suppose it could have been a very off day.

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            Onn's moved to Tuckahoe under the name Takaho Japanese. ASIAN WIND is in the Bronxville location, and it's FABULOUS. if you love good Chinese food with a few Thai and Japanese dishes there, too, try it. The staff is very friendly and professional.

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              Wow! Fabulous? Really? An Chinese/Asian restaurant in Bronxville. Definitely have to check it out!

        1. Stopped in for falafel in pita with hummus. The falafel itself was obviously fresh and fried just right. The hot sauce, as chowdom said, is also homemade and delicious-be sure to ask for it. As a sandwich though, it literally fell apart before the first bite. The pita was too thin and not cut to make a pocket but cut to make 2 slices, very odd. The salad was iceberg lettuce, pickled carrots and actual pickle chips. The hummus was good, but too little of it. The overall taste was fine, but there is much room for improvement. The owner, Vic, did chat us up and we mentioned our concerns which he took seriously. Apparently he is a cousin to the famous Mamoun and so takes his falafel seriously. He gave us tastes of the lentil soup which is excellent and a rice and lentil dish that was very good. We left satisfied, knowing that we'd be back to try other menu items. I really hope he makes it, it would be a shame to lose this unique eatery. I'll scan and post the menu from work next week.

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            Agree with jcmods about the falafel. Would add that there are 3 small tables for eating in. There is a bit of a schizophrenic vibe as there is a typical cold cut deli case and a steam table with Italian fare as well as the Middle Eastern offerings which are kept mostly out of view. Prices are low for the amount and quality of food. I had to show Vic how to find the Patch "article" on his new smartphone and his face lit up when he saw the picture of himself. Really nice guy, I hope he succeeds.

          2. I forgot to post photos shawarma, gyro platter, (forefront) baba ganoush

            I really enjoyed the baba ganoush and grape leaves

            1. Wow, how could I miss this place? I drive past there at least once a day. I guess I'm more focused on not getting in an accident with the terrible traffic and parking conditions right there with people double parking for the laundry and shops. I'll have to go and check it out this week.

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                We walked from Fleetwood. Hate driving thru Bronxville, but window shopping is fun.

              2. I am attaching the menu.

                1. Victor is Egyptian, and he is trying to figure out what foods the neighborhood wants. I chatted with him yesterday as I tried his foods (all were tasty and I bought a lamb shawarma sandwich on a gyro style pita with his hot sauce, Mmmm...) and I asked him which items were selling well. He thought about it and realized that his items like chicken parm. hadn't sold at all. While his Egyptian homestyle dish of chicken with potatoes in a mild but flavorful spice mixture had sold out two days worth in one day. I pointed out that maybe he should work on introducing only Egyptian dishes at the steam table. His plans are to have 2-4 specials a day, changing all the time. I look forward to the progression. This looks like an inexpensive, and very tasty alternative to the local deli, and the great Gino's Pizza. So that locals can get a tasty lunch, or dinner to take home. Please support Victor, and give feedback. He really wants to know what the neighborhood wants.

                  1. I stopped in there the other day and ordered a felafel sandwich. Victor also gave me a taste of the lentil soup, which was excellent, and a rice dish, which was very good as well. I took a bunch of menus to give to my Egyptian friends at the squash club, and they all went there today and really enjoyed the food. My only problem with the felafel is the one that was mentioned previously -- the pita doesn't begin to hold up to the felafel. Within a minute, it was in shreds. The the was excellent, however, and I am definitely looking forward to trying some other of his Egyptian specialties..I asked Vic if he served Molakhia, (everyone says his mother makes the best Molakhia, but for the uninitiated, it is pretty unpalatable, and best described as a soup made of green slime), and he said that he would serve some when his mother comes. For the record, I asked him how he wound up with the name Victor, and he said that he is a Copt, not a Muslim.

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                      Instead of the pocket bred, you can get real pita. just ask for the gyro pita.

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                        Good tip, I'll try that next time. I was thinking of getting the felafel platter next time, but I prefer it as a sandwich.

                    2. I am really intrigued by this place. My family had the pharmacy right there, so it has been quite a while since I was in that neighborhood. It has also been a while since I've had good falafel. I keep meaning to get to Taim in Hastings ( ?) but haven't managed to move my tush over there yet. Taking a ride to BC could satisfy my want for all this type of food and to see how things on the street look these days.

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                        The last good falafel we've had was at Sahara in Brooklyn (consistently good for the last 18 years) and Mamoun's on MacDougal before that. I hope this place is comparable. Wasn't a fan of Taiim's version, nor their chicken shawarma since we had to check each bite for bones. Fingers are crossed that this place will save us quite a bit of driving when the next craving hits.

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                          It's really just a deli with a couple of tables in front, so not really a proper restaurant, but charming nonetheless because the food is so good and Vic is so nice.

                        2. My sister stopped by today and surprised me with lunch that she had picked up from Bronxville Castle. We had a fatoosh salad with a bit of tabbouleh added. It was on the bland side but still good, ( a squeeze of lemon was a quick fix) the homemade pita chips were great. One of todays specials, a beef dish that sounded like "beef challaha " when Vic pronounced it. Think tender, boneless shortribs with not a trace of fat on them cooked with Egyptian spices, absolutely spectacular. And finally a lamb shawarma wrap. I had mentioned the issues with the pita to my sister so she asked for it wrapped , it worked fine as a wrap. The shawarma was even better than it was the first time I tried it. If anyone is in the area today before he closes and have not decided what they are having for dinner I recommend picking up either the shawarma or the "beef challaha" really that good!

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                          1. I stopped by at lunch time today to pick something up for dinner for my husband. I Brought home chicken leg quarters that had been cooked with potatoes redolent of a mixture of Egyptian spices. I also had a bit of the yellow rice with diced peppers, and the rice with lentils thrown in. Everything was as good as ever and so different than anything else in the area. Has anyone else been by lately?

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                              I feel bad we haven't been around since the last visit. I know one customer can't make a business succeed, but I do want to throw more business his way. At least I've been recommending the Castle to a bunch of people.

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                                Word of mouth is the way to go Sloth. I also hope that they thought to drop menus off at Sarah Lawrence. I'm tempted to take a stack and to do it myself.

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                                  Where is this exactly and when are they open?

                                  1. re: rolise

                                    57 Pondfield Rd W

                                    Bronxville, NY 10708

                                    (914) 652-7266

                                    The info below was posted shortly after they opened, might want to call to see of hours have changed.


                                    Mon-Fri 6 am - 10 pm

                                    Sat 7 am - 10 pm

                                    Sun 8 am - 8 pm


                                    Accepts Credit Cards:No

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                                Yes, the last time my son stopped in there, he said it looked like it was going down the tubes, and they were out of everything he tried to order.

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                                  A very nice guy, and the idea was good, but the times I stopped by the food wasn't that good. Boring to say the best. A shame.

                                  1. re: JMF

                                    I have to laugh at your comment. Having lived in Egypt, I thought that this was a pretty accurate representation of Egyptian food, which I found boring.

                                2. re: chowdom

                                  Sad to hear it. I really hoped he'd make it successful.

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                                    I'm really saddened and disappointed as well Sloth.
                                    The last time I was there Victor's wife was running the store with another man and you could just tell they weren't doing well. Victor was already working in Yonkers. I thought his wife said " in our other store" but he may be working for someone else.

                                    Anytime I stopped in on a weekday I found the food to be fresh and flavorful, there was less of a selection on weekends. It was nice to have as an alternative to pizza, burgers, sandwiches... There remain many mediocre to crappy places in the area .
                                    I think Sarah Lawrence closing for Summer did them in.

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                                      Always in Egypt, you'd order something, and the answer would be, "Finished." That became our joke in restaurants. "Want to order the fuul?" "Finished!" we'd say, and laugh. When my son went in there and asked the woman for something he had wanted, her answer was, "Finished." He almost choked, he started laughing so hard.

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                                    Yes, that's been covered up thread...