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Mar 2, 2012 11:09 AM

Noodles for Homemade Ramen

Inspired by the whole recent ramen frenzy, I have decided to take matters into my own hands and make ramen from scratch. It will probably be horrible the first few times but I am dedicated. The broth is bubbling away as I type this and the whole place smells fantastic.

Question is where are the best noodles? This is the one part I don't want to do from scratch -- I just hate working with flour/dough. I got some precooked egg noodles from C-Mart and also some uncooked non-egg noodles (both Chinese noodles, about the right thickness) and they look OK. Are there any noodles available retail that would be good? I prefer the curly, eggy, chewy kind (i.e, the kind at Sapporo, Mentei, and the long-missed Ken's Ramen), and not the straight, thin, soft kind (i.e., the kind at Ippudo, Uni, and recently at Myers + Chang).

I sincerely ask that no one mention the words to which GMR refers to in any reponse in this thread. I love that they're here and applaud them, but just can't think about them anymore unless and until their ramen is steaming in my face.

I am going to have ramen. In my apartment. I need your help.

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  1. The C mart noodles won't work for you RE mouth feel-chewiness. I buy the frozen ramen packages at Japanese markets and the noodles are closer. The frozen tonkatsu broth that comes with it isn't bad either. For $5, it keeps me from entering the frenzy that can't be named.

    1. I ate at Uni's last weekend, and I recall the noodles as being the eggy curly kind ... is my understanding of ramen noodles somehow incredibly off?

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        Hmm, maybe they changed it. I had it the first night and I remember them being thinner, softer, and straight. I could be wrong.

        Just got back from C-Mart again and picked up a pack of Twin Marquis brand "Plain Noodle (Thin)" from the refrigerator section. So far tastes the best and chewiest. Could work really well for ramen.