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Mar 2, 2012 10:51 AM

Uchi vs Uchiko?

Going to be in town next week for SXSW, and wanted to try either Uchi or Uchiko.

Was wondering if there was one that you guys would recommend over the other, and if so, why.

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  1. One of the biggest benefits to Uchiko is that the space is larger and you can make a reservation there. So, I'd suggest making one ASAP.

    I bet it will be hard to get into either restaurant during SXSW especially after Paul just won Top Chef.

    1. Uchiko. Better bar, better parking. Same fantastic food.

      1. We've eaten at both several times and I definitely prefer Uchi. Mostly because I just like the space better. The food is quite similar.

        1. In 2010, my favorite meal of the year was at Uchiko. In 2011, my favorite meal was at Uchi.

          IMO, the flavor profiles at Uchi are a little more subtle. Uchiko's flavors tend to be more bold and more out of the box. Both are outstanding, both are innovative, and I don't think you'll be disappointed by either - which you prefer is just a matter of personal preference. Some days, I want Uchi. Some days, I want Uchiko.

          Uchi doesn't take reservations, so usually requires a long wait. Probably longer during SXSW. Uchiko takes reservations, but between Paul Qui's Top Chef win and SXSW, it might be a challenge to get one.

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          1. re: Optimista

            Uchi does take reservations on opentable...

            1. re: chrisdds98

              Interesting. That makes the choice a little more difficult.

              If you have a reservation and don't have to wait, I'd choose Uchi over Uchiko due to the intimacy of the smaller space. Plus, it will be closer to all the SXSW action.

              Uchiko is better if you have to wait for your table due to the large bar area.

          2. Yep, Uchi does take reservations. I've found that a lot of times you'll get stuck with a 10PM res, but if you go early and have some drinks at the bar (I usually am in a party of 2, can't speak for larger), you'll be seated a lot earlier than your actual res.

            I haven't been to Uchiko yet, but I booked a res during SX and it was pretty easy to come by. If I were you though, I'd get on it fast. Since I can't speak for Uchiko yet, I can't compare, but Uchi's one of my favorite restaurants on the planet, and if Uchiko's even remotely like it, you probably can't go wrong with either.

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            1. re: popvulture

              They're just different. Uchi is more feminine, lighter and nuanced, and Uchiko more masculine, assertive and heartier. As they evolve, their menus continue to coalesce. I love both, but if I had to pick, it would be Uchiko.