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Mar 2, 2012 10:45 AM

Help please! (menu translation) [moved from France]

I would like to translate our wedding reception menu into English and don't know if I have done justice to its original wording in French. If anyone could take a look and give your opinion, I'd really appreciate it! I tried to keep it accurate but wanted to make the translation as delicious and elegant sounding as possible.

hors d’œuvre: mousseline de choux fleurs aux crevettes grises
-->hors d’œuvre: mousse of cauliflower with local shrimp

entrée: les noix de coquilles Saint Jacques, feuilleté au sésame, risotto de langues d’oiseaux, sauce basilic
-->first course: scallops with flakey sesame pastry on a risotto of orzo in basil sauce

plat: le filet de boeuf rôti au thym, confit de cèpes, fondue d’épinards, cocotte de pommes de terre écrasées.
-->main course: beef filet roasted with thyme accompanied by cèpe confit, sautéed spinach, and mini casserole of potatoes

le fromage: Fruité du Boulonnais, Brillat Savarin, salade mêlée aux amandes
-->cheese course: Fruité du Boulonnais and Brillat Savarin, salad tossed with slivered almonds

buffet de desserts: assortis de 6 variétés de gâteaux, salade de fruit, sobets et une pièce montée en macarons.
-->dessert buffet: an assortment of 6 desserts, fruit salad, sorbets, and a traditional pyramid of macaroons.

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  1. It sounds delicious. I beleive that "porcini" woudl be more recognizable to English-speakers than cepes, and that the 6 gateaux are cakes - or pastries

    1. Maybe keep "macaron" as it is....just so they aren't confused with the coconut ones?

      1. Orzo is barley "orge", in French. Langues d'oiseaux are pasta.

        I grew up in an english speaking country picking mushrooms we called cepes, and not porcini. C'est selon, I suppose.

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          Why has this been moved from the France board? I think that's where you'll find more French speakers.

        2. I would describe the potatoes in the casserole as crushed or smashed, just to be a bit more descriptive

          1. Thanks for the suggestions and corrections everyone. That's exactly what I need to know before printing 80+ menus!