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Mar 2, 2012 10:43 AM

Other uses for an egg coddler

They're charming, they're old fashioned, and they're sitting unused in my china cupboard because I rarely coddle eggs. What else can I do with these delightful pieces of porcelain?

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  1. Could you make some kind of pudding/custard in them that would cook when immersed in water? You could put chocolate chips and cream in them and let bob in boiling water until you made a sort of individual ganache that would stay warm for awhile in the heavy cup. They make good carriers for condiments for a picnic or road trip.

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      Start your ganache before sitting down to dinner & you'll have individual containers of chocolate fondue for dessert! Think of fresh cherries, pineapple, angel food cake, marshmallow, etc. as dunkers.

      Only thing: simmering water, not boiling, would be easier on your porcelain.