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Mar 2, 2012 10:03 AM

pizza for a crowd in South Arlington?

Hi. I need to feed a crowd of probably 30-50 people on a budget (hopefully around 100-150). By feed, I may not actually mean feed, since I don't know if we'll have enough to totally satiate everyone. Anyone have tips on the best bargains for pizza that is not bad?

I'm in South Arlingotn, but will travel a little if needed.

Right now I'm tempted to go with Ledo's since it is, I think, a little less than Lost Dog but I could go to a chain too. I usually make my own pizza so, could use some help.


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  1. 20" plains are $17 at Valentino's. They're pretty huge and tasty as well.

    1. The 20" extra large at the Italian Store is $17 for the Pizza Tradizionale (Plain). Its the best carry out pizza in the region. Additional topping are $3 for the 20" pie.

      1. Ledo's may be less, but it is thin-thin-thin crust (which I love). Others may be expecting something thicker.

        1. Do you need a place for the 50 people to sit, or are you looking for carry-out? Flippin' Pizza (a few shops in the area) is pretty decent New York style and reasonable considering the size of the pie (but I think it's smaller than 20"). There shops can barely seat 30 people. They also do catering, so you can have them bring their truck to your venue. I have no idea what that costs but apparently they do a lot of that for school groups.

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            It would be carryout. Thanks..

          2. Why not buy them at Costco. You can buy them cooked from the food bar or uncooked in the refrigerated area.

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              Costco is a good idea for cheap, decent thick crust. Monterey Pizza Co is a very good take out only joint just down Jeff Davis on the right as you cross into Old Town Alexandria- 5-10 mins from South Arlington.

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                Not everyone is a Costco member, though pizza for 50 might just represent enough saving to cover a membership.