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Mar 2, 2012 09:54 AM

Business dinner/presentation for 20 people near convention centre

Hello fellow hounds,

I'm a Vancouver, BC gal who is trying to arrange a dinner for some clients in Seattle in April. Preferrably somewhere relatively near the convention center if possible (but if it's anything like here the choices around the convention center aren't the best!) so if a short cab ride is necessary then so be it.

Will likely need space for a presenter (ie. screen and projector). We have an amazing list of standby restaurants here in Vancouver that are perfect for this sort of thing, and are some of the best restaurants in the city to boot. Not sure what you guys think or what you could recommend. A private room would be best.

Any suggestions or input would be great!


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  1. Try the Dahlia Lounge. Excellent restaurant and they have a private room that would suit.

    1. blueacre seafood (7th/olive) is a short stroll from the convention center; serves wonderful food and has several private rooms as well as good bar service and a decent wine list