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Mar 2, 2012 09:45 AM

learn to make a f#*%ing coffee

Where can you get decent coffee in Boston? This morning I went to Cafenation and needed to have the macchiato remade due to their unfamiliarity with the drink. This is a constant annoyance in these psuedosophisticated cafes. I have had similar experiences at Treats across the street. Although the latter has decent pastries. Similarly, Athan's in Brookline has a magical selection of pastries and a great area to sit, but coffee that tastes like crap.

Not all is lost. The following places have been decent for the following individual drinks. please add more places to my list!
1) Cafe Fixe for Espresso and Machiatto
2) ERC in Back Bay for " and "
3) Refuge Cafe in Brighton for Iced coffee (steer clear of espresso drinks)

The only coffee that comes close to Abraco, Grumpy etc or other actually excellent NYC coffees are those at Fixe.

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  1. george howell cafe in newton is getting some positive buzz and the eponymous father used to brew a mean cup a couple of decades ago.

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      Looks like its worth the trip! Thanks for the recommendation.

    2. Berkeley Perk is always nice and I have had nothing but positive experiences at the new spot near the movie theater Thinking Cup

      1. Jaho Coffee & Tea in the South End might meet your coffee-geek standards.

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          I tried Jaho and appreciated it. I should've put on the list. The iced Vietnamese coffee thingie was also quite good. Flour down the block is also decent for brewed coffee but iffy on espresso. But the buns are unbelievable.

        2. Hard to counteract the combined effect of Dunkin' Donuts and Starbuck's.

          I have been really enjoying the Gimme! coffee (both brewed and espresso-based) from Three Little Figs on Highland Avenue in Somerville. They make a right proper cappuccino.

          1. Maybe you've been going to the wrong places? It's increasingly easy to get a good cup of coffee around here these days. I too love 3 Little Figs. Render in the South End was great when I visited and they keep winning the latte art competitions that have popped up around here. Barismo is an amazing place at the vanguard of the current coffee resurgence and they will soon open their new cafe, dwelltime. The new RJ Gourmet uses Barismo coffee and is a great neighborhood cafe that is pulling tasty espresso. Even Clover makes excellent coffee, brewed pourover style.

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              Render sounds good. Will def visit this week!

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                Just had a really good cappuccino at Render last weekend. They clearly take care with each drink.
                I second or third the Cafe Fixe and Thinking Cup recommendations.

                If you like Howell coffee, True Grounds in Somerville does a nice job, too. I'm guessing they would make a proper macchiato.

                Be aware that the 1369 doesn't have whole milk. They will combine 1/2 and 1/2 with their 2% if you request, though.