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Mar 2, 2012 09:29 AM

House Without A Key

I see that Halekulani is having some refurbishment done. Is HWAK being affected? We are staying at Hilton Hawaiian Village. Can we walk the beach and enter HWAK on beachside. Or do we have to take the longer route and enter on road side.

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  1. We got a "behind the scenes tour" at the Halekulani, for their refurbishments, but I do not recall any details on HWAK. I would contact the Halekulani directly, and ask specific questions.

    I love the venue, and for pu`pus and a drink, it is great. However, for actual food, I lean strongly to La Mer, or Orchids. Also, each of those has a much better wine list, if that is your thing.


    1. There is a promenade from the Hilton that passes the HWAK, but I'm not sure that there is an actual entrance. If there is not, you can backtrack a little and get to Ena Road by cutting through the commercial arcade in the hotel next door, which I believe is the Reef. The arcade does have access from the beach.