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Mar 2, 2012 09:15 AM

Atlantic City Restaurant Week

AC Restaurant Week starts March 4 and runs through the 10th. They seem to have more participating restaurants, and the website is quite user-friendly, listing the RW menus and linking to Open Table. I just made reservations for Dock's Oyster House and for Steve and Cookies in Margate, two places I've always wanted to try.

Check it out at Lunches are $15.12, and dinners run $33.12.

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  1. Thanks newfie29, handy information to have even after restaurant week eclipses.

    1. Have you tried Tomatoe's, in Margate?

        1. re: phantomdoc

          You can never go wrong with Dock's Oyster House - we went last year during restaurant week - the selection was great, and I've yet to find a better key lime pie anywhere (even in the Keys...).