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Mar 2, 2012 08:58 AM

Best kosher sunday brunch in Brooklyn

Will be visiting Brooklyn one Sunday morning. We are of the "keep a kosher kitchen at home, but eat out anywhere" types, partly because there aren't too many kosher places to eat out at and partly because of my yetzer hara. But, heck, we're visiting Brooklyn. Surely there must be some chowhound-worthy kosher spots for breakfast/lunch on a Sunday morning/afternoon. Any suggestions are welcome. And is late March too late to expect any kosher places to be open for dinner Saturday night?

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  1. I eat in Brooklyn only rarely, so can't be of much help, but this thread might be:

    Of the recommended restaurants, I've only eaten in Basil, and never for brunch, but I've liked it both times I've been there. Their breakfast menu is here:

    1. I love Cafe Savor or Orchidea for a yummy brunch!