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Mar 2, 2012 08:27 AM

Off bottles of Grey Goose

I know the merits (or lack there of) of Grey Goose are regularly argued among vodka drinkers - that discussion aside . . . .

For those of you that do drink Grey Goose regularly - have you come across the occasional bottle that is just much harsher than their "typical" bottle?

I had a bottle a year ago that i swear just tasted so different and not in a good way at all (and since our house goes through a fair amount of vodka it was very noticeable). I wrote it off in my mind but I just opened another bottle (after several bottles in between the previous "off" bottle and this one) and it is another one that just tastes so much harsher than others.

Is it just me?

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  1. I am not a Grey Goose drinker, but I couldn't resist.

    Grey Goose says “ We have over 550 quality control checks in place that the maitre de chai has put in place throughout the process. No batch is bottled before the maitre de chai or a member of his hand-selected tasting team has tasted and approved it. Five people on the tasting team have to taste every single batch before they approve it”

    So if the maitre de chai has approved it, it must be you (or, that's what you get for buying into anything Grey Goose says).

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    1. re: nickls

      fair enough - I knew I'd be putting myself on the block with this post.

      In my defense, I probably have 12 different vodkas in the house right now - not including my own infusions.

      Maybe that makes it worse and now I'm a lush who drinks pretentious vodka - haha

    2. Entirely possible someone is counter-fitting it. Certainly would be a good way to make lots of money without too much fuss.

      Make knockoff bottles in China.

      Insert commodity grade ADM ethanol and water into bottle.

      Total cost per bottle $4. Wholesale out to sketchy liquor stores at $14 a bottle.

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      1. re: StriperGuy

        That recently happened in England....

      2. I hate to say this but Grey Goose is basically alcohol and water being sold at a high price. There's probably people out there counterfeiting it.

        1. I guess counterfeit is always a possibility - but I would be surprised if that ended up being what was going on.

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            Seeing as Grey Goose is now owned by Bacardi, and that they have pretty rigorous quality control, I don't think they concept of counterfeiting is so wacky. Bordeaux wine is extensively counterfeited, why not vodka which should be SO much harder to detect?

          2. I don't drink Grey Goose regularly but I have noticed this too, particularly at a bar in Atlanta I visited a few months ago. Tasted really harsh and metallic. I actually watched the woman behind the bar open up a new bottle so I know is wasn't them just refilling empties with Popov or something.

            Left me feeling pretty rough the next day as well...