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Mar 2, 2012 08:12 AM

Madrid/BCN/San Sebastian

Hi, I'm traveling through Spain next week with my family and we're foodies. Any can't miss tapas or authentic restaurants in Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian? Under $15USD/person is budget per place. Any names of places, or even areas within the city would be great. Anyone know of any blogs/websites that could be of any help?


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  1. "Under $15USD/person", is that for one meal (morning, lunch and dinner/tapas) ?

    That's around 12 euro that's not much money for food, even for tapas.

    2, 3 tapas/pintxo and maybe 1 drink, and you will leave the place still hungry.

    For cheap eat, restaurants in Spain will serve "menu del dia" for lunch, maybe not the best food ever, but cheap and filling. (just google that).

    1. We're trying to go to 2-3 restaurants for a meal.

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        I haven't eaten at this place and the concept is really not traditional but it might work for you. Near the Sagrada Familia, there's a Basque-style restaurant serving pintxos and regular meals. They offer a 'tapas buffet' for 14.95 euros.

      2. $15 dollars per person means you'll be having your restaurant meals at lunch. Like Max said look for menu del dia suggestions. I know this board has a few for Barcelona. In San Sé you can go for pintxos, but at around 2€ for normal pintxos and more for fancier ones, you'll run out of money pretty fast. Other options will be fast food, sandwiches and pastries. But really, at $15 dollars per person all-in, I would forget about having dinner at a restaurant.

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          I may be reading this incorrectly, but I think the OP is looking for 2-3 tapas places for one that would be $30-45 per person, but spread over several places.

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            Well, then I think the OP should come around and tell us whether they are looking for tapas bars or for restaurants. Right now, what I read is about eating in restaurants, not in bars. Two or three bars at $15 per bar in very doable, but a meal at restaurant for $15 is a lot harder to come by.

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            Several months later after the last post and I finally stumbled on this Chowhound string. I'm really glad I did. JuanDoe - thank you SOOOO much for posting your Google maps link (above) of restaurants/bars in Madrid. It was so helpful and really convenient. All I had to do was pull it up on my phone and presto!, everything within walking distance popped up. Awesome.