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Mar 2, 2012 07:51 AM

Friday Fish Fry - where is the best one?

I loive in South Saint Paul, and the local VFW has a fish fry every Friday during lent. The problem is that it is ATROCIOUS. I went there last year, and the fare was simply dreadful.

Where can I find a fish fry that is worthy of checking out?

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    1. Go to Obbs. Plan on a long wait. Eat. Thank me tomorrow.

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        Can't say I've tried them, but here is an listing from the Pioneer Press:

      2. St. John Vienney in SSP has a Knight's fish fry that is pretty good. I'd go earlier in the evening though but the times we've been there they haven't disappointed. Otherwise I've heard good reviews of Dick's Bar in Hudson and the Hudson KC's Fish Fry at St. Pat's as well.

        I just saw this posted:

        1. I'd like to offer another take on the South St. Paul VFW Fish Fry , because I love it.

          As much for the taste as for the price and nostolgia. The men and ladies come in two days prior to start the made from scratch tarter sauce, baked beans, and cole slaw. One day prior the frozen fish is thawed in milk vats to make it tender and sweet. And the potatoes are peeled, cut and nursed in butter and parley. Same day everything comes together. The fish is lightly coated and fried for a nice crisp crust. The mac and cheese is cooked (note:-la dente it is not). The sides are plenty. Including hand cut crispy carrots and celery. There is no dessert, which is the only thing that could give cause for criticism, in my humble opinion.

          After the fry is done, The Greatest Generation gathers at the bar, tired, some exhausted, yet happy for their efforts, as all profits are donated back to various local non profits, primarily school arts and sports. I like to treat a few of them to a drink of their choice, which is usually blackberry brandy. Just one, mind you.....

          p.s. An added bonus is the old-fashioned Meat Raffle. The local merchants are very generous, and it seems like one out of three goes home with an Easter ham or some other kind of meat.

          1. Try St. Pascal's...long East-side tradition--they have one every Friday, 4:30-7:00 pm. Don't be alarmed by the packed parking lot & long line when you get there--they have been doing this for years & are pros, it's quicker than it looks...10 bucks & you get your choice of fried or baked (both are righteous!) Also, creamy mac & cheese, spuds, veg & dessert.
            The fried fish is NOT greasy, which I find so many places this time of year.
            Obbs is great as well!