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Mar 2, 2012 07:29 AM

I'm Meeting a friend from D.C. somewhere half-way between Delaware and D.C. - Where should we meet?

I live near the Wilmington, Delaware area and I'm meeting a friend who lives in the D.C. area half-way in between the two areas for dinner on Saturday night and am seeking recommendations for a fun restaurant. Upon initial thought, I was considering something similar to a brewhouse with good food or a good burger place. However, I'm open to all sorts of suggestion. Nothing too pricey. It could be a regional place or an ethnic place. Just somewhere in between that has good food. Thanks in advance for all your advice.

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  1. We love Pappas in Baltimore:

    My mom will not get a crab cake anywhere else.

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      My inital thoughts for was for easy in/out was the Wine Market on Fort Ave. in Baltimore. Real easy to get to off of 95 from either direction and easy back on in either direction. They have lot's of parking and though it might be more upscale than brewpub,but it has a great bar where you could sit and great specials if you go to happy hour. It is a relaxed and casual crowd there....really good food and an option to buy your wine in their adjoining store at cost. I would say it almost exactly half way between two locales.