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Jan 25, 2002 12:09 PM

San Diego Salsa

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Is there any decent salsa you can find in the supermarket in San Diego? I find that most of the "fresh" ones are watery and not very fresh tasting. My favorite is "la salsa chilena," sold at farmer's markets and whole foods, apparently made in North Park. It's texture is more like crushed tomatoes, rather than chopped. For bottled salsas I like Herdez Salsa Casera okay.
I just can't believe that in SAN DIEGO it's so hard to find good salsa.
And tortillas? It's really hard to find flour tortillas made with lard (taste the best). The best ones I've found are at Henry's, called San Miguel (I'm pretty sure).
Any others I should try?

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  1. I go to Ralphs and get the Desert Pepper Trading Company bottled variety. It's very good. I particularly like their corn and black bean salsa. Sometimes they have the bottled Jardine's brand, which is good too. I can't remember ... I think it's Jardine's that has a chile tepĂ­n salsa that is quite yummy to my tastes, though my husband likes their campfire roasted salsa better. Otherwise, I make my own ... which is pretty easy given that we've got nice tomatoes and chiles here most of the year 'round. (: Hope this helps ...

    1. We're kind of partial to the roasted garlic salsa we find at Trader Joe's, but of course we;re garlic/chili heads.....

      1. The only tortillas worth eating are made with lard! The Produce Market off of Friars Road and Mission Gorge has FRESH (there's usually steam in the bags) corn and flour tortillas daily for about $1.29 / dozen.

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          Thank you mightily. I will be there!

        2. I haven't found anything better than La Salsa Chilena in my search. Many years ago back in the '80s there used to be a great fresh salsa that was made in Vista and distributed to local stores, but it's long gone. Maybe you should try looking at some Mexican delis or restaurants instead of supermarkets. Same goes for tortillas. Haven't been to El Indio in years, but maybe this is still a good place to start . . . Good luck!

          1. One of my favorite bottled variety is actually Vons brand Hot salsa. It has a small touch of sweetness that added corn brings it. As for fresh salsa, haven't really found one that I like. Usually just make it, since it doesn't take that long.