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Mar 2, 2012 06:08 AM

Presidential Dining in Quincy/Braintree?

My girlfriend and I are on a quest to read a biography of every president. After each book, we intend to go out for a themed dinner, based on the president we read about. After we finished our George Washington book, for instance, we went to the Mount Vernon.

So we're most of the way through John Adams, and despite living in the Boston area all my life, I've never been to Quincy or Braintree. Is there anywhere particularly John Adamsy? Something on Adams St? Something with a presidential bust over the door? Food is less important than vague association with the President.

Bonus points if it is not at the Quincy Adams T stop, because my plan for JQ Adams is to just go to Quincy Adams and find a bar to eat at.

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  1. The tour of the Adams estate leaves from Quincy center. From there all your questions cam be answered.

    1. If you wanted to do breakfast I would definitely recommend "The Early American" has a great breakfast selection and the walls are decorated with local Revolutionary History from the City of Quincy and Boston. It's also just a short walk from The Abigail House.

      Or if you are looking for a dining option you could go to The Adam's Pub, which is located at the Adam's Inn on Hancock Street.

      1. Quincy Adams T stop is desolate. Home Depot next door sells dunkin doughnuts, though.

        Ironically, there are a lot of good places to eat in Quincy but I cant think of any that have a presidential name.

        Adams Street ... Firefly closed. Villa Rosa is awful. If you cheat into Milton, Abbey Park is good.

        The Adams Pub overlooks PJP Park in Dorchester and things like the car wash and UpsnDowns. The Adams Inn gives me the creeps now because of that sex hostage thing, though.

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        1. re: C. Hamster

          Just got to the Irish Pub (Parking in Rear). All you ever needed to know about US History there :)

          1. re: typhoonfish

            Or maybe the Presidential Pub in Quincy Center, but not sure if they serve food? ;)

        2. I read an Adams biography. During the Revluionary War, as a Ambassador to France,he could not get out of Boston Harbor to sail to France. He circumvented the British ships in the harbor by leaving from Hough's Neck--a lovely penninsula on Quincy's miles of coastline, who' very tip is Nut Island, part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Park. Google Hough's Neck for location--it's easy to find. Come in the late afternoon, take a walk around Nut Island- then go to Louis (also towards the end of the peninsula, right on Sea St., you will have passed it to get to Nut Island) for a casual dinner. Someone's up-thread recomendation for the Quincy historic tour is a good one--I keep meaning to do that. You could start with that, then head for the Neck. Cap your evening off with some music at "Presidents Rok Club" --which, BTW, I believe serves food, but I aint trying it. Have fun!

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          1. re: SeaSide Tomato

            This is fantastic. Thanks.

            We've still got 4 chapters to go before we're done (work has gotten in the way, and we're taking our time) but I'll report back.

            1. re: Fly

              Glad to oblige.

              Go n a sunny day--it's goreous when the sky and sea are blue...
              You could bring a picnic--but Louis is good for casual.

          2. We finally made it out to Quincy on a beautiful weekend day that wasn't otherwise booked, and took the Adams house tour, which was a great time.

            We had miscalculated our meal timing, and since we got out of the tour at 3:30 (and hadn't had much for breakfast), we went straight for the nearest well-regarded restaurant we found.

            The Fat Cat had a very decent beer selection, interesting (and tasty) crab and lobster nachos, and a good (if slightly overdone) bacon and blue cheese burger.

            Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.