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Mar 2, 2012 05:57 AM

Tell me about your favorite tongue dish?

Me? Today, it has to be oatmeal mixed with braised beef tongue and topped with a runny fried egg, which I just had this morning. And lest I forget, I paired it with some "Deep-Fried Beef Tongue Sticks" which were essentially the same aforementioned braised beef tongue but dipped in tempura batter and deep fried.


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  1. Pickled tongue, cut ultra-thin, stacked up ridiculously high between two good slices of seeded rye with lots of mustard. Perfect.

    1. I usually just boil it in salted water. Cool, peel, and then:

      -Make hash- cube it up with potatoes, onions and garlic. Sometimes, I sprinkle in some cumin, corriander, cayenne pepper and tumeric to give the dish a different twist.

      -Sliced thinly, on rye, with a swipe of my favorite mustard at the moment.

      -Sliced thinly, draped into a warm corn tortilla, topped with fresh salsa verde or pico de gallo, diced radish, diced onion and fresh cilantro leaves.

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      1. re: 4Snisl

        I never think of doing hash. But I am now. On the other hand, I day dream of tongue tacos.

      2. can't go wrong with a ragu of lamb's tongue over some creamy polenta, which I've made a number of times.

        I also braise, shred, and mix with some sorrel, young pecorino, and hot chile, then stuff them into ravioli.

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        1. re: Novelli

          lamb's tongue has been on my to-do list.

          have had great success with beef tongue, marinated overnight in soy, sesame oil and asian aromatics. then braised it in water and beer, with carrots, onion, garlic, bay, star anise, oj concentrate and ginger root, until tender. then peeled it and simmered it in the reduced marinade. WOW! super tender and so good.

          1. re: Novelli

            Talk to me please about this lamb tongue ragu. I bought one at our local coop simply cause I was so pleased to see it. It sits in the freezer.

          2. Not a dish, but a sandwich.....from a Jewish/kosher Style Delicatessen.

            Pastrami and Tongue with a nice side of Chopped CHICKEN Livers....accompanied with sliced onions, fresh new pickles, green tomatoes and cole slaw.

            Beverage of choice....Dr Brown's or Beer

            Preferably at Katz's

            1. I like the Russian style in aspic with some horseradish. Also, a friend makes a Southeast Asian version with a little bit of star anise. I don;t have teh recipe but it is fabulous.

              Of course, just plain thin slice is delicious.