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Mar 2, 2012 05:55 AM

Gilbert/Mesa/Chandler Area Fish Fry

My wife and I are from the mid-west originally and recently moved it Gilbert. We are craving a quality 'good ole fashion' Fish Fry during Lent. I'm looking for someplace nice-ish (sorry Pete's) and more of a pub style atmosphere. We have other picky eaters that will be coming along with us, so someplace where the food is impressive across the board would be ideal. Thanks for your help!!

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  1. I've never tried the place, but I I know there's somewhere in the Gilbert Farmhouse collection of stores that puts a sign out every Friday for a Friday Fish Fry. I don't think it's actually the Gilbert Farmhouse restaurant that does it, though.

    On the east side of Gilbert road, between Warner and Elliot.

    Otherwise, try the Iowa Cafe up in Mesa. They do fabulous massive pork tenderloin sandwiches, too!

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      I passed the Farmhouse Meadows complex again today, and I think the place that has the Friday Fish Fry is called The Groves.

    2. It's in Tempe, but Rula Bula has good fish & chips and a good Irish pub atmosphere. I came upon this post because I too am looking for a fish fry like you'd find in the Midwest. Rula Bula will do if I can't find anywhere else authentically Midwest. It IS very good.

      1. Holy Cross Catholic Church Mesa, 4:00-7 at Wellens Hall

        1. sorry, we tried the Holly go