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Mar 2, 2012 04:56 AM

Elmers Diner - Danbury Ct. (just off rt. 84) easy off and on, but I would go out of my way to eat here

awesome place for breakfast, wish we were traveling during lunch or dinner. So very clean, very nice staff...i had a healthy turkey sausage w/ my egg and fantastic home fries. Love the menu...hubby had a healthy omelette w/ egg whites and veggies, Dad had an excellent waffle. You can't go wrong...very extensive menu. Can't wait to try again.

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  1. I've had lunch and dinner there. Seemed like standard diner fare to me. Not bad, but no raves either. Soups tasted canned.

    1. The food is good there, not great. Best part is the variety, and they do a decent job with the Latin flavors/items. Skip the matzo ball soup. It's awful. I also find the prices a bit on the high side for a diner.

      1. This thread has inspired me to ask, what do you all think are the best diners in the Danbury area?

        1. We enjoy Elmer's too - mostly because we've known the owner since his days working at Dimitri's in Ridgefield. The food is good (not gourmet, but better than the standard diner) with a nice range of options for everyone in the family. Would never have thought to try their matzah ball soup (mine is awesome - so I never order it in a restaurant!)... Great family-friendly option when in Danbury.

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            What other diners do you like? We usually go to Three Brothers, Windmill or Blue Colony in Newtown when we are in diner mode. And they're ok. But wonder if there is a diamond of a diner out there.

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              i grew up in new jersey - land of 10,000 diners (isn't that the state motto? lol) - so i'm a purist. i'm afraid to say i haven't found anything here in connecticut to rival the diners of my youth. we've tried three brothers and windmill. also sherwood (?) diner in westport - the one on route 1 near the sherwood island connector. never been to blue colony. eh. they're all okay but not great. (but maybe it's because i'm no longer out at 2 a.m. desperately seeking a good breakfast....)

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                My feeling is that a diner is a diner is a diner... none I've ever been to have really wowed me. We tend to stick with New Colony on Stony Hill in Bethel or the Windmill up in New Milford, just because they're the most conveniently located. I do enjoy the "Summer Delight with Fruit" at New Colony - an egg white and veggie wrap with a side of mixed fruit. I make two meals out of it and feel like it's among the most "diet-friendly" options on a diner menu...

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                  There seems to be two types of diners - The classic NJ type with hundreds of options to what's typical in New England (typically outside of CT) which tend to serve breakfast with limited lunch and dinner items beyond typical "comfort" food.

                  I only recall three "NJ" type diners that I ever care to return to - 1) Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, NJ, 2) Town Line Diner in Rocky Hill, Ct and 3) Cromwell diner in Cromwell, Ct.

                  While I admittedly haven't been to every NJ diner, I find most of them to be not much better than a Denny's " Classic Diner" or a Cracker Barrel.

                  As for the classic "Worcester" diner - there are dozens (hundreds?) that I enjoy returning to, with O'Rourke's in Middletown, Kenmore Diner in Worcester, Modern Diner in Pawtucket, RI and Moody's Diner in Waldoboro, ME being several of my favorites that quickly come to mind.

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                I was sick and didn't feel up to making my own soup, so we called around to find some locally -- and Elmer's was the only one who said they had it. My SO went and picked it up and brought it home. We joked that they should really call it "masa" ball soup - it was that mushy! LOL! Like I said, the food is good, not great, but to be fair, I can't name one diner that I've ever been to that has GREAT food. Oh wait, that's a lie. The Blue Benn in Bennington, VT has fantastic food. At least the stuff I tried when we were there last November.

              3. Interesting responses. I can only think of ok diners. Have never been to one that wowed me. Although it's been a couple years since I've been, the Blue Colony in Newtown, CT had humongous apple turnovers for $1.50. I don't eat that stuff anymore, but it was definitely a bargain at the time.

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                  Diners will likely not be much of a match for a good restaurant, but IMO, they most always surpass fast food places and most chains. (Weekend) breakfast at Modern Diner in Pawtucket, RI ( From Lobster benedict to custard french toast) can definitely provide a WOW factor, although their coffee, home fries and omelets can be mediocre.

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                    I will admit to being WOWed by O'Rourke's in Middletown, CT, and the Blue Benn in Bennington, VT. At O'Rourke's I had their famed steamed cheeseburger and the soup of the day - salmon chowder - for lunch. DELISH, on both counts. It was worth the wait for a single counter seat (about 20 minutes). At Blue Benn, I had their California benedict, which I think was avocado and black beans and sprouts... whatever it was, it was fresh, interesting and super tasty. Oh, and I had to try the Indian Pudding for dessert. Wow. Warm, dense, full of spicy flavor and topped with vanilla ice cream. I'd never tried that kind of dessert before and it was surprisingly wonderful. My SO had pancakes, I think, and he raved about his meal there, too. They had so much variety - unique items like gingerbread pancakes and pumpkin waffles... I can't remember what all else, but it was fun reading all the little signs plastered all over the walls there. Wish there was something that great in our area. I'm not saying the diners here in the Danbury area are BAD. They're not. They're just nothing special or memorable, like O'Rourke's and the Blue Benn are!