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Mar 2, 2012 03:55 AM

My Hong Kong Wish List - Please review it

Hello to all !! Going back to HK in May with stops in Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo. I need some direction from the board to fine tune my list of potential visits during my stay next stay in HK. Please refer back to my trip report on my last visit to familiarize with my previous experience. I have researched previous posts and have identify these restaurant that I have never visited before. Take a look and prioritize based on your experience. For perspective, my point of reference is Yah Yoh Heen. Here you go:

-Celebrity Cuisine
-Delicious Kitchen
-Cuisine Cuisine (which one to go)
-Ming's Court
-The Chairman
-Tsui Hang Village
-Lei Garden (Wanchai)
-Yunyan (sichuan)

Any other recommendations will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,


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    1. re: domenexx

      Sorry, my dear, there's been a slew of similar requests to HK Chowhounds, especially towards the end of last year, so it's hard for them to get excited again. Main reasons being that:-
      (1) The restaurants on your list are the 'usual suspects' which had already been discussed extensively in previous threads
      (2) Most of us hadn't been to all of the restaurants on your list. I'd not been to Celebrity, Delicious Kitchen and Yunyan, so may hold back from prioritising your list
      (3) You've not indicated if you have any particular dishes which you'd like to try. Cantonese restaurants all have pretty much the same items on theirmenu, but they do certain dishes better than others.

      1. re: M_Gomez

        Thanks Gomez,

        You are right ! I'm not planning to hit them all just one or two after Yah toh heen at most. I do like the whole in the wall kind of places. Feel free to suggest. Also, please refer back to my previous trip report so you know my previous experiences. Charles told me that you can advice on Singapore as well. Objective here is basically hawker style authentic places to have a feel of local cuisine.

        Everything is welcome !



        1. re: domenexx

          Shouldn't be a problem helping you locate Singapore hawker places. Do you want to start a thread on that first?

          1. re: M_Gomez

            Good idea ! I will open a new thread


            1. re: domenexx

              You don't have to start a new thread, domenexx - just refer to this thread, it's got the most up-to-date recs on hawker food by all of Singapore's top Chowhounds:

              1. re: klyeoh


                Advice well taken !!

                Lot's of information in the link provided. To make it easier, where will you go if you only have two days at most.

                Objective is to have a good exposure or snapshot of Singapore Cuisine along with the experience to going to a country with a culture so diverse.

                I'm open for ideas and recommendations: Chili Crabs, Hawkers, Indian, Arab, etc



                1. re: domenexx

                  Ah, now for *that* you should start a new thread to discuss Singapore eateries.

                  P.S. - don't think Singapore has any outstanding Arab eateries tho.

    2. Hello to all !!

      As I prepare for my next trip to Asia, let me report on my last experience in HK:

      1) Man Wah: The best meal in HK in terms of a solo expereince. I play it safe: honey BBQ pork and their lobster & scallop mousse. Good service, reasonable price, good atmosphere. Merit another visit.

      2) Tim's Kitchen: Went for lunch with some colleagues.Very good !!; since they were 4 of us, I was able to try different dishes. I very solid place and an automatic return.

      3) The Chairman: Pathetic and well below my expectations. I have no idea what happen but it was not there. Even the dishes in the tables next to me did not impressed me.

      4) San Xi Lou: An eternal favorite for Sichuan cuisine. Went twice and will return for more. Probably the best Sichuan in HK.

      5) Delicious Kitchen: Hole in the wall but excceded my expectations. A very good hot and sour soup and great fried pork chops.

      6) Yah Toh Heen: Intercontinental in Kowloon. Always go there for the good service and view. I need to admit that there are better places but they treat well here and I enjoy the experience.

      7) Pak Lok Chiu: In Causeway; went there with some local and without control of the menu. Flower crabs were great they rest was good bit really memorable. Because of the location, I will return again.

      8) Oola: In Soho; went there for a business dinner and delivered for the occasion. Good for this type of event but don't know if I will return by myself.

      9) Smugglers: Always good to have a beer in Smugglers at Stanley.

      I will report back after my trip (if and when I stop in HK).