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Mar 1, 2012 11:26 PM

Rosanna's European Delights - princess cake [Benicia]

This is the second location for Rosanna's which is a long-time bakery that started in Fairfield over 25 years ago. Rosanna died in 2006 and there is a different owner who took over the original location and opened a new shop last year.

It is an old-style European bakery like Shuberts, Virginia Bakery, Tast of Denmark, etc

i had a ham and cheese croissant at a local bar that buys breakfast pastries from Rosanna's. it was fair. I wouldn't buy it from the bakery.

The cake and custard in the pricess cake was good, the raspberry jam layer ok enough. It was the marzipan that i didn't like because it was overly sweet.

they sell lots of cake slices such as black forest, german chocolate, champagne, etc.

Rosanna's is the best bakery in town ... then again it is the only bakery in town ... so that's not saying much.

address and website

Fairfield address and the same website link

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  1. I have only had the Danish and a cookie at Rosanna's. Sorry to say I was not impressed with either. The cookie was a macaroon - under baked. The custard and blueberry topping on the Danish seemed like from a can - was just OK. I have not tried any of their cakes but having grown up in the East Bay I usually buy my "special ocassion" cakes at Masse's, Toot Sweet, or Crixa. Like you said this is the only bakery in town but I prefer to get my Danish up the street at Safeways. There isn't even a donut shop in Benicia so its Safeways or Raleys for donuts unless you want to head over to Vallejo. Forgot to mention Starbucks (three in town) does also sell pastries.