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Mar 1, 2012 10:09 PM


I really like muffins. I like all kinds of muffins (blueberry, poppy, bran, English). Despite my love of muffins I am having trouble thinking of places in or around seattle that bakes excellent muffins. Help me on my muffin quest.

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  1. Irwin's Bakery, at 40th and Bagley, in lower Wallingford has my favorite blueberry muffin of all time, a splendid marionberry scone, crazy-good fruit pies, good coffee and a laid-back wi-fi place to chill. Some of the furniture is even comfortable. Later in the day, they go to soup, salad, pizza, and other lunch items, but I'm still so full of muffin, I've never had them.

    1. Fresh Flours in Ballard or on Phinney make a great muffin. The individual quiches are pretty amazing, too.

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        I will have to try Fresh Flours. I rarely like a muffin I've purchased at a bakery. Just have to let go of my habit of poking in at Honore for macarons instead . . .

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          Frackle, I hope I did not put you off by revealing that Irwin's bakes on site, as it is mostly a neighborhood coffee shop and cafe. In any event, this is chow, for sure. By afternoon, the pastries are gone, replaced by Soup, salad, and pizza.