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Mar 1, 2012 06:34 PM

Spending a day in Bellingham

Because of a crazy travel schedule, I'm going to have a day with nothing to do in Bellingham in June. I'm coming in to the train station and I won't have a car, so I'm looking for things within walking distance of the train station (I don't mind longish walks).

Are there any good restaurants that I can walk to to grab a tasty mid-price (under $15) lunch?

Also, I'll be heading off on the ferry for a few days, is there a place I can stock up on food that will last me about three days (mostly things like bread, cheese, veggies for snacking, etc, I won't have much cooking equipment)? If I understand the website correctly I should be in walking distance of the farmer's market. Anyone been there? Is it good?


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  1. You may want to re=post, luciaannek, in 'Pacific Northwest' board, as we in Seattle area don't generally have great reco's for Bellingham, as it is nearly 3 hours away.

    Try the search functions, with a map of where the train station is versus the town to help you navigate neighborhoods in B-ham. There is lot's of good reasonable ethnic food up there ( I used to drive up once a month for business, and tried to eat all kinds of tastes there - ate well!).

    You might also look up L. Nightshade on Chowhound. He lives there, and posts alot, and knows much about food and dining.... can search for posts by bio.
    Good luck!

    1. the train drops you off in fairhaven. I've eaten at On Rice there before. Its Thai food within your range. Very good. Go classic with Phad Thai. Or try the Drunken Noodle if you like a little spice and want something unique.

      1. Hi, luciaanne:

        Within walking distance, I'd pick The Bagelry for b-fasty (I drive from Seattle just for their bagels) and Boundary Bay Brewing for gastropub lunch and dinner.

        [edit] These places are downtown. If the train dumps you in Fairhaven, they're not comfortably walkable. In Old Fairhaven, I like Tony's (and it's connected diner twin) and Dos Padres Mexican.


        1. You will be in Fairhaven (not downtown Bellingham).

          Colophon Cafe is an easy walk for a nice soup and sandwich lunch. If you are a cook, check out the kitchen store and olive oil/balsamic store in the same building ("Drizzle"). A nice bookstore is there too (Village Books). Lots of fun....keeps a foodie busy for hours :)

          There is a Double Decker red bus that serves fish and chips on a corner. Cute and quirky if you are in that kind of mood. Not all stellar food, but the halibut and chips are good.

          There are two Mexican restaurants in Fairhaven one is Dos Padres (a fixture in the community) and another one with an outdoor patio upstairs( just down the block). Both are fine for an inexpensive lunch. Nothing unique at either place- just tasty -and plenty of- inexpensive food.

          There is also Magdalena’s Creperie that serves polish food and crepes. Very nice, a little European bistro feeling. I have been there for lunch but they also serve breakfast. More unique food here if you are looking for something different.

          Archers Ale house is terrific for some brew...but stay away from the food there, the menu looks appealing but it has sucked for a long time now.

          There are *two* wine shops there, I like "Purple Smiles" for a tasting :)

          There is also a really nice cupcake store, I am not a fan of sweets normally- but I actually liked their cakes......then maybe stop in at Tony's for espresso.....

          Skylarks Hidden Cafe is nice for breakfast.

          The Farmers Market is fabulous and you will be able to stock up on a ton of fresh and wonderful things from there. Go there first, they expand every year with new vendors.

          There is a great cheese store in Fairhaven too (Quel Fromage) that is right off the main street.

          There are also a couple of grocery stores within walking distance, so no worries about stocking up with anything you need.

          Hope this helps!