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Mar 1, 2012 04:27 PM

Downtown food carts

I've landed in NW Portland, for good -- FAR northwest portland, up in Forest Heights. Nothing to write about here, but I go past the downtown (southwest) food carts fairly often on my way to the east side of town. What's good there? I've heard about Khao Man Gai, which I intend to try, and I like Francisco Taqueria. What else is good?

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  1. Tabor - Schnitzelwich, FTW!!

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    1. re: JillO

      I've seen your Schnitzelwich posts before, JillO. Awright! I'll try it.

      1. re: melissa511

        That's the spirit!

        If you wanted to make one at home:

        You can Czech out their menu here:


        1. re: JillO

          groan ...... ;-)

          Reminds me of the 1987 Wimbledon men's final between then-stars Pat Cash (Aussie) and Ivan Lendl (Czech). Pat's fans were up in the bleachers holding up banners that said: "Cash is better than Czech" :-D

    2. Thai Pasta on 4th @ SW Hall. It was one of the originals in that strip near PSU. I have to admit I've not been by there in a couple of months, but if it's still there, about two carts north of Thai Pasta there's a cart with REALLY good pastrami, called simply 'Pastrami on Rye'. Best Reuben sandwich in town, from a cart or a restaurant so far that I've found.

      1. Hi Melissa -

        A few recs for the 9th and Alder pod:

        Khao Man Gai, yes try that
        808 Grinds does really nice Hawaiian plate lunches, one is enough for two people
        People's Pig: The porchetta.
        Frying Scotsman if you like fish and chips
        Altengartz does great brats and backyard-style burgers
        Samuari Bento: Takoyaki
        Mai Pho: I like her dumpling soup, best thing on a cold day
        Addy's Sandwiches, European-style baguette sandwiches, reminds me of Paris
        Huong's: 4 bucks for a tasty chicken banh mi
        Eurotrash is there as well... they have some interesting ideas but I've never really had anything there that wowed me... might just be me as plenty of others seem to really like it.

        I moved out of the neighborhood late last year, so there may be some new stars that have opened up recently, but those were my favorites of the bunch that's been there for a while... have fun exploring,

        - JO