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Mar 1, 2012 02:51 PM


How do you cook one?Would you boil it?

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  1. Steam it or them. Or if you really want a great dish, try baked stuffed with scallops, crab, butter, cracker crumbs and parsley

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      That sounds delicious! Mind sharing the recipe?

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        You are supposed to put a knife into the head to kill them but I can't do that. I once made baked stuffed lobster for 12 and had to come up with a solution. I boiled them briefly (about 5-7 min) and then drained them in the sink. I had combined sauteed shallots with more butter, scallops in small pieces, crab meat , ritz cracker crumbs, parsley so that it was a rich, fishy concotion. I split each lobster down the middle and stuffed each one with the mixture. I placed them in 2 large roasting pans and then added some more melted butter/ lemon juice for good measure. Baked them at 400 for approx. 20 min. They were delicious and very well received.

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          bean, if you're not able to put a knife in their head for humane purposes, then dropping them into boiling water is an extremely more painful and tortureous death. The knife method may make you uncomfortable, but is over in a split second. The boiling may make you comfortable because you can put the lid on and look away. Either way, I always put my sea bugs in the freezer about 20 minutes before death. They're brain "falls asleep" and they don't suffer when the time comes. By the way, your concoction looks really good. Amazing what Ritz crackers can do!

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            Sea bugs...yes, thinking of them as overgrown insects may help the squemish. I know it does me.

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        But then you have to be willing to pith them which is not something I've ever had the never to do...luckily my husband will if pressed.

        1. re: escondido123

          I love that you used the word pith. I haven't used that word in years.

          Total vocab sidebar: can you technically pith a lobster since it is an invertebrate?

          1. re: thimes

            I believe they have a nerve bundle/brain stem behind the eyes and that's what you are severing. I figure if you can pith a lemon, you can certainly pith a lobster...and it's the only term I've ever heard for the process.

      3. I've boiled, and that's good, but there's lots of water in the shell. Steaming, if you have a large pot, is better. Splitting, roasting and grilling, too. My preference is to split and broil.

        Freezing them for 15 minutes beforehand keeps them from knowing what's up until it's too late.

        1. glebe, there is no wrong way to cook a lobster as long as it is fresh. Boiling is the easiest, steaming can get a little fussy if you start searching for seaweed as a bed. grilling and broiling require a deft hand at killing/splitting the bug. Anyway is great, just don't overcook it.

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            boiling is by far the easiest way if you haven't done it before and the results are super tasty any way you decide to do it. It takes about 12 minutes to boil a lobster. If you put several in the pot, start timing from when the water comes back to a simmer (I find that if I wait until it comes back to a FULL boil I am more likely to overcook them.

            1. I usually have the fishmonger steam them. Then he cracks them.