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Jan 21, 2002 10:02 AM

Recommendations for Palm Desert

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A friend and I will be spending a long weekend in Palm Desert next month and are looking for "chow-worthy" places to try. A search of the boards has turned up primarily high-end restaurants. Beyond those, we'd be interested in hearing about local spots that turn out consistently delicious meals--Mex/Tex-Mex, Italian, Asian, or yummy sandwich and breakfast finds. Previous posters have recommended Zio Lorenzo (formerly Peppinos), La Casita, and China Wok. Any further recommendations, or advice on dishes to order at these or other places? Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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    torta basilica

    You're asking for a lot from Palm Desert - most food is either high end or pretty nasty except for those you mentioned. You'll have (somewhat) better luck in Palm Springs. I shop at Jensen's & cook myself when we're there!

    1. Palm Desert is pretty bleak when it comes to interesting food. You will have better luck traveling over to the west side of the Valley. In Rancho Mirage there is a new Roy's. Chain, yes, but really fun food and delicious.The wine list is very well thought out and fun to choose from. In Palm Springs there is a small restaurant owned and operated by the chef, a rarity in the desert. Johanne's is the Austrian chef who is imaginative and talented. A good mix of modern Austrian and Californian cuisine. Weinershnitzel to rival Postrio! The wine list is small but it is one of the most interesting wine lists found in the desert. If you have to stay in Palm Desert try Cuistot on El Paseo where the chef is the owner and a protege of Paul Bocuse. Doug Arango's on El Paseo is another good pick with a good wine list.